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List of numbered roads in Chatham-Kent

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This page lists all of the numbered roads in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Some older road signs (before 1998) still exist on roadsides that still say "Kent County", while newer ones say "C-K Road" instead. Since 2014, Chatham-Kent has re-rehabilitated its busier, former King's Highways to a better standard, and upgraded their speed limits in rural areas to 90 km/h from 80 km/h.[1][2]

Number Names Western/Southern Terminus Eastern/Northern Terminus Major Communities Comments
1 Wheatley Road, Queen Street, Baptiste Road Dead end at a factory plant just south of Wheatley, Ontario CR 2 Wheatley, Tilbury Forms most of the border with Essex County (aside from a small diversion south of Essex County Road 8).
2 Queen's Line, Richmond Street, Keil Drive, Grand Avenue, Longwoods, Road CR 1 in Tilbury, Ontario (CK-Essex County Line) CR 121/Elgin County Road 7, just southeast of Bothwell, Ontario at the County Line Tilbury, Ontario, Chatham, Ontario, Thamesville, Ontario, Bothwell, Ontario Formerly Highway 2
3 Talbot Trail, Chatham Street CR 1 in Wheatley, Ontario at the Essex County Line Elgin County Line Wheatley, Ontario, Blenheim, Ontario Morpeth, Ontario Formerly part of Highway 3
4 Coatsworth Road CR 3, just south of Coatsworth CR 1, south of Tilbury Coatsworth, Ontario
5 King & Whittle Road, Goodreau Line, Stevenson Road CR 3 CR 1 in Tilbury, Ontario Stevenson, Ontario
6 A.D. Shadd Road CR 3 in Ouvry, Ontario CR 14 in North Buxton, Ontario North Buxton, Ontario, South Buxton, Ontario
7 Merlin Road CR 3, just east of Port Crewe, Ontario CR 36 in Prairie Siding, Ontario Merlin, Ontario
8 Middle Line, Marlborough Street CR 1, just south of Tilbury Intersection with CR 3 and CR 11 in Blenheim, Ontario Tilbury, Ontario, Merlin, Ontario, Charing Cross, Ontario, Blenheim, Ontario Formerly Highway 98, turned back in 1970 after Highway 401 was completed.
9 Scane Road CR 19 just southwest of Ridgetown, Ontario CR 18
10 Charing Cross Road, Queen Street Erie Beach, Ontario, just south of CR 3 CR 45 (Indian Creek Road), Chatham, Ontario Chatham, Ontario, Charing Cross, Ontario, Erie Beach, Ontario
11 Communication Road, Chatham Street, New Scotland Line CR 15 in New Scotland, Ontario Interchange of Highway 40/Highway 401 (Exit 90) Blenheim, Ontario, Shrewsbury, Ontario, New Scotland, Ontario Formerly southern part of Highway 40 (From Highway 401 to Highway 3/CR 3), turned back in 1998.
12 Erieau Road, Mariner's Road CR 3, 5 km south of Blenheim Erieau, Ontario Erieau, Ontario
14 Port Road, 8th Line, Doyle Line, CReek Road, Garden Road, Pinehurst Line, McKay's Line CR 3 at Port Alma, Ontario CR 21 North Buxton, Ontario, Chatham, Ontario A spur, also named CR 14 leads north along Garden Road to Indian Creek Road (CR 45), continuing north on Creek Road before terminating at Park Avenue (CR 18). This may be an unsigned alternate route (which would normally be signed as 14A), but this is unknown.
15 Base Line, Kent Bridge Road Highway 40 in Wallaceburg, Ontario Rondeau Provincial Park Entrance (Concurrent with CR 17) Wallaceburg, Ontario, Dresden, Ontario, Kent Bridge, Ontario, Rondeau Provincial Park One of the longest County Roads in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. From Highway 3 (CR 3) to Rondeau Prov. Park, it was also Highway 51, until it was turned back in 1998. Also has a spur of the same name (CR 15) leading along Dawn Mills Road (through Dawn Mills, Ontario), continuing in Lambton County as Lambton CR 15
16 Cairo Road, Tower Road, Main Line, West Bothwell Road CR 2 (Longwoods Road) Chatham-Kent/Lambton County Line (Continues as Lambton CR 79) Bothwell, Ontario Formerly a part of Highway 79
17 Victoria Road, Main Street, Erie Street, Hill Road, Rose Beach Line Rondeau Provincial Park Entrance (Concurrent with CR 15) Intersection of CR 21 and Highway 401 (Exit 109) Ridgetown, Ontario, Morpeth, Ontario, Rondeau Provincial Park Formerly part of Highway 21, turned back in 1998 south of Highway 402
18 Park Avenue, Fairview Line, Fysh Line, Selton Line, Littlejohn Road CR 27 (Bloomfield Road) CR 2 (Longwoods Road), 3 km south of Bothwell, Ontario Chatham, Ontario, Thamesville, Ontario, Bothwell, Ontario Not signed west of Highway 40, but signed as part of the EDR (Emergency Detour Route) for Highway 401, in the event that freeway is closed for any reason.
19 Talbot Street, Ridge Line, Main Street Intersection with CR 3 and CR 11 in Blenheim MacPherson Road (Elgin County Line (Continues as Elgin CR 104) Blenheim, Ontario, Ridgetown, Ontario, Highgate, Ontario Also had a spur until the late 1990s, CR 19A
19A Front Line Intersection of CR 19 and CR 21 in Ridgetown, Ontario (Continues as C-K CR 19) Kenesserie Road (Continues as C-K CR 19. Ridgetown, Ontario Now part of CR 19.
20 Orford Road, King Street, Bury Road CR 3 CR 18 Highgate, Ontario
21 Irish School Road, North Street, Community Road, Base Line, Industrial Road, Victoria Street, Victoria Road Intersection of CR 21 and Highway 401 (Exit 109) Chatham-Kent/Lambton County Line (Continues as Lambton CR 21) Dresden, Ontario, Thamesville, Ontario Formerly part of Highway 21. Parts south of Highway 402 were turned back in 1998
22 Lambton Line, Cairo Road, Tower Road, Main Line, Main Street, Peter Street, Peter Road CR 26/Lambton County Line in Florence, Ontario CR 2 (Longwoods Road), just south of Bothwell Florence, Ontario, Bothwell, Ontario Continues in Lambton County as Lambton CR 22 (Before looping back into Kent County, as CR 25). Has Dual-designation as C-K Road 22 and Lambton Road 22.
23 Jane Road, Jane Street CR 21 (Industrial Road) CR 22 (Lambton Line) Thamesville, Ontario
24 Zone Center Line, Elm Street CR 23 CR 22 in Bothwell, Ontario Bothwell, Ontario
25 Oakdale Road CR 21 Kent Line (road acting as Chatham-Kent/Lambton County Line) Croton, Ontario Continues as Lambton CR 22, looping back towards Florence, Ontario as C-K CR 22
26 Florence Road CR 21 CR 22 Florence, Ontario Continues in Lambton County as Lambton CR 22
27 Bloomfield Road CR 3 (Talbot Trail) CR 36 (River View Line) Chatham, Ontario Signed as part of EDR (Emergency Detour Route)
28 Tupperville Road, Center Side Road CR 2 (Longwoods Road) CR 78 (McCreary Line), halfway between Dresden, Ontario and Wallaceburg, Ontario Tupperville, Ontario
29 Countryview Line, Lindsay Road, Cedar Hedge Line, North Street, Croton Line Highway 40 at Oungah, Ontario CR 25 at Croton, Ontario Dresden, Ontario, Croton, Ontario Has a spur, CR 29A
29A Countryview Line Intersection of CR 28 and CR 29 CR 15 Dresden, Ontario, Dawn Mills, Ontario Spur of CR 29
30 Prince Albert Road Intersection of Communication Road / Grand Avenue (Highway 40) and CR 2 (Longwoods Road) CR 29 (Countryview Line) Basically an extension of Communication Road
31 Kimball Road CR 78, just east of Wallaceburg Kent Line (Chatham-Kent/Lambton County Boundary) Wallaceburg, Ontario Continues in Lambton County as CR 31
32 Techumseh Road Walpole Island/Walpole Island Indian Reservation CR 33 (Payne Road) Walpole Island Main access into Walpole Island
33 Dufferin Avenue, Payne Road, St. Clair Parkway Whitebread Line (Chatham-Kent/Lambton County Boundary) Highway 40 in Wallaceburg Walpole Island, Wallaceburg, Ontario Continues in Lambton County as the St. Clair Parkway (Lambton CR 33). Former alignment of Highway 40, turned back in sections: From Sombra to Walpole Island in 1980, and from Walpole Island to Wallaceburg in 1984.
34 Grande River Line, Grand Avenue CR 35 (Jacob Road) CR 2 (Keil Drive) Chatham, Ontario, Prairie Siding, Ontario Also has a spur along Winter Line Road, travelling north-west through Paincourt, Ontario ("Pain Court, Ontario" on signs), terminating at CR 42 (Bay Line) east of Mitchell's Bay, Ontario.
35 Jacob Road, Pain Court Line, St. Andrew's Line CR 36 (River View Line/Techumseh Line) in Prairie Siding, Ontario CR 28 in Eberts, Ontario Prairie Siding, Ontario, Paincourt, Ontario Has an operational signalized drawbridge across the Thames River
36 Tecumseh Line, River View Line CR 1 (Baptiste Road) in Jeannette's Creek, Ontario CR 2 (Keil Drive) Jeannette's Creek, Ontario, Prairie Siding, Ontario, Chatham, Ontario Continues as Essex CR 2
37 Rivard Line Town Line Road CR 43
38 Mull Road CR 19 CR 18
39 Colborne Street, River Line Highway 40 (Communication Road) CR 15 (Kent Bridge Road) Chatham, Ontario, Kent Bridge, Ontario
40 Uncle Tom's Road, Park Street CR 15 CR 21 Dresden, Ontario
42 Bay Line, Electric Line, Oldfield Line Mitchell's Bay, Ontario CR 15 just south of Tupperville, Ontario Mitchell's Bay, Ontario, Electric, Ontario, Oldfield, Ontario Main road to Mitchell's Bay
43 Bear Line Road CR 34 (Grande River Line) CR 42 (Bay Line/Electric Line) Bearline, Ontario, Chatham, Ontario
44 Mandaumin Road CR 78 (McCreary Line) Kent Line (Chatham-Kent/Lambton County Boundary) Continues as Lambton CR 26
45 Indian Creek Road CR 10 (Charing Cross Road) CR 14 (Creek Road/Garden Road) Chatham, Ontario
78 McCreary Line Highway 40 CR 21 Wallaceburg, Ontario, Dresden, Ontario Formerly Highway 78, turned back in 1998.
121 MacEwen Street, MacEwen Line, Clachan Road, Turin Line, Duart Road CR 3 in Clearville, Ontario Bothwell, Ontario, Clachan, Ontario, Duart, Ontario, Clearville, Ontario Straddles the Chatham-Kent/Middlesex County and Elgin County Boundaries. Dual Designation of Elgin CR 7, and of Middlesex CR 14. Formerly numbered as CR 21 until Highway 21 was turned back.