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Changjin County is a mountainous county in South Hamgyŏng province, North Korea.

Changjin County

Korean transcription(s)
 • Hanja長津郡
 • McCune-ReischauerChangjin kun
 • Revised RomanizationJangjin-gun
CountryNorth Korea
ProvinceSouth Hamgyong Province
Administrative divisions1 ŭp, 3 workers' districts, 16 ri



Changjin lies on the Rangrim and Pujŏllyong ranges, and most of the county sits atop the Kaema Plateau. Due to this location, Changjin has a particularly cold climate. The highest point is Ryŏnhwasan (련화산). The chief stream is the Changjin River. Lake Changjin is a large reservoir in Changjin County.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Changjin County is divided into 1 ŭp (town), 3 rodongjagu [ko] (workers' districts) and 16 ri (villages):

  • Changjin-ŭp
  • Hwangch'o-rodongjagu
  • Manp'ung-rodongjagu
  • Yangji-rodongjagu
  • Chukchŏl-li
  • Ch'ŏngryang-ri
  • Kaljŏl-li
  • Memul-li
  • Nŭpsu-ri
  • Paeg'am-ri
  • P'ungryu-ri
  • Rimsal-li
  • Ryongho-ri
  • Ryudam-ri
  • Sindae-ri
  • Sinhŭng-ri
  • Soksa-ri
  • Sŏmong-ri
  • Tonae-ri
  • Yangmyo-ri


In historical contexts the lake is sometimes known according to its Japanese pronunciation, as the Chosin Reservoir.[1] In 1950 it was the site of a major battle of the Korean War, the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, in which the Chinese People's Volunteer Army stopped the northward advance of the United Nations allied forces, but paid a heavy price in casualties.


Changjin produces large amounts of lumber, and leads the province in mine production. Deposits of silver, graphite, jade, and gold are found in the area. Local agriculture is dominated by livestock raising and dry-field farming; local crops include potatoes, barley, soybeans, red beans, maize, and oats.


Although it could long be reached only by horse or automobile, the construction of a power plant on the Changjin River also brought the Changjin Line of the Korean State Railway to the county. Water transportation also developed thanks to the power station.

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