Chaldean Catholic Archeparchy of Arbil

The Chaldean Catholic Archdiocese of Erbil (Latin: Archieparchia Arbilensis Chaldaeorum, Arabic: إيبارشية أربيل الكلدانية‎) is a Chaldean Catholic diocese with its seat in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. Erected in 1968 with territory taken from the Archeparchy of Kirkuk, it is immediately subject to the Patriarchal See of Babylon. The see of the archbishop is the Cathedral of St. Joseph (Mar Yousif) in Ankawa, a suburb of Erbil.

Archeparchy of Erbil of the Chaldeans

Archieparchia Arbilensis Chaldaeorum

إيبارشية أربيل الكلدانية
Chaldean Catholic Cathedral of Saint Joseph in Ankawa near Erbil, Iraq.jpg
Mar Yousif Cathedral in Ankawa, Erbil
Ecclesiastical provinceImmediately Subject to the Patriarchal See of Babylon
DenominationCatholic Church
Sui iuris churchChaldean Catholic Church
RiteEast Syriac Rite
Established7 March 1968
CathedralMar Yousif Cathedral
Current leadership
PatriarchLouis Raphael I Sako
ArchbishopBashar Matti Warda

Under Archbishop Bashar Warda, the archdiocese expanded its activity by creating the Catholic University in Erbil and several youth and healthcare agencies. In particular, the Archdiocese took a leading role in the care of Christians displaced from Mosul and the Nineveh plains after the ISIS invasion of those areas in 2014. During this period, Ankawa and Erbil became the center of Christianity in Iraq.



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