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Cantando por un Sueño (Singing for a Dream) is a television contest produced by the Mexican television network Canal de las Estrellas which also aired on Univision in the United States. As with its twin show Bailando por un sueño (Dancing for a Dream), celebrities are paired with common, everyday people. However, in Cantando por un Sueño, contestants have to sing, rather than dance to impress the panel of judges and win. The panel of judges is made up of famous Latin American singers. Prizes generally include costly interventions to help people in unfortunate situations including blindness, deafness, paralysis, mortal diseases, bankruptcy, etc. Mexican singer Thalía is the "godmother" of this contest, and she sings the title song of the show too. Cantando por un Sueño had three seasons of about seven episodes each and concluded in a final fourth season Called "Reyes de la Canción" (Song's Royalty) where the winners, runners-up and 3rd-place finishers of the first three seasons compete in a final showdown. (In the third season, 4th place went to "Reyes", because before being eliminated, they received the highest score).

On airEdit





Season 1Edit

Celebrity Contestant Teacher Dream Place


Cipriano Hernández


Tumor surgery for Cipriano's wife


Kika Edgar

Raúl Juárez

José José

Help his sister Rosario


Ernesto D'Alesio

Ruth Vázquez

María del Sol

To help her best friend cure a fatal illness she currently had.

3rd Place

Manuel Landeta

Mónica Chávez

Amanda Miguel

Because Mónica had MS, she wanted to make sure her 4-year-old son would not be left alone in this world and got a chance to finish a career and to have a place to live when she died.

4th Place

Omar Chaparro
(TV host/humorist)

Greys Hernández


Eye surgery for Greys' blind brother

5th Place


Germán Martínez

Franciso Céspedes

Establish a dog training center for blind people

6th Place

Tiaré Scanda

Leonardo Guizar

Isabel Lascuraín

Buy an ambulance for a home

7th Place

Season 2Edit

Celebrity Contestant Place

Raquel Bigorra
(TV host)

Francisco Castillo


Patricio Borghetti

Samia Abrin


Alicia Machado
(model/Miss Universe 1996)

Marco Antonio Gutiérrez

3rd Place

Jorge Muñiz
(TV host/humorist)

Selene Mendoza

4th Place

Roberto Blandón

Teresa López

5th Place

Lorena de la Garza

Daniel Nelson Ibarra

6th Place

Alex Sirvent

Beth-Sua Bautista

7th Place

Season 3Edit

Reyes De La CanciónEdit

Everyone against everyone; no teams were selected for this season. The final 3 groups from all previous seasons were featured in this season, "Kings/Queens of The Song".

  • Rocío Banquells
  • Carlos García
  • Alan
  • Lorena Schlebach
  • Chantal Andere
  • Gerardo Urquiza
  • Raquel Bigorra
  • Francisco CastilloMale Winner
  • Patricio Borghetti
  • Samia Karima
  • Maya
  • Marco Antonio Gutierrez
  • SheylaFemale Winner
  • Everardo Ramírez
  • Cipriano Hernández
  • Kika EdgarFemale Runner-Up
  • Raúl Juárez
  • Ernesto D'Alesio -Male Runner-Up
  • Ruth Vázquez

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For the Argentine version, visite Cantando por Sueño (Argentina)

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