Calcasieu Parish Public Schools

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The Calcasieu Parish School Board (CPSB) is a school district based in Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States. The CPSB operates all public schools in Calcasieu Parish, including the city of Lake Charles.

Calcasieu Parish School Board
3310 Broad Street
Lake Charles, Louisiana

Calcasieu Parish

United States
District information
TypePublic School District
MottoBuilding Foundations for the Future
SuperintendentKarl Bruchhaus
AccreditationAdvanced Ed and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Budget$355+ million (2013)
Students and staff
Other information


  • Total students (at October 1, 2014): 32,271
  • Race/ethnicity[1]
    • White: 61.1%
    • African American: 34.7%
    • Native American: 0.4%
    • Hispanic: 2.4%
    • Asian: 1.3%
    • Pacific Islander: 0.1%

School uniformEdit

All CPSB students must wear school uniforms.[2]


Adult schoolsEdit

K-12 schoolsEdit

High schoolsEdit



  • Calcasieu Career Center (Lake Charles)
  • College Street Vocational Center/Westlake T&I (Lake Charles)

6 - 12 schoolsEdit

6 - 8 Middle schoolsEdit

  • S. P. Arnett Middle School (Westlake)
  • DeQuincy Middle School (DeQuincy)
  • LeBlanc Middle School (Sulphur)
    • Housed inside is the Jake Drost Special School which serves special needs children in areas of the parish west of the Calcasieu River.[4]
  • W. W. Lewis Middle School (Sulphur)
  • Maplewood Middle School (Sulphur)
  • Ray D. Molo Middle School (Lake Charles)
  • Moss Bluff Middle School (Unincorporated area)
  • Oak Park Middle School (Lake Charles)
  • Vinton Middle School (Vinton)
  • S. J. Welsh Middle School (Lake Charles)
  • Forrest K. White Middle School (Lake Charles)

Elementary schoolsEdit


  • Barbe Elementary School (Lake Charles)
  • Brentwood Elementary School (Lake Charles)
  • J. D. Clifton Elementary School (Lake Charles)
  • College Oaks Elementary School (Lake Charles)
  • Combre-Fondel Elementary School (Lake Charles)
  • Cypress Cove Elementary School (Sulphur)[5]
  • T. S. Cooley Elementary School (Lake Charles)
  • DeQuincy Elementary School (DeQuincy)
  • DeQuincy Primary School (DeQuincy)[6]
  • Dolby Elementary School (Lake Charles)
  • Fairview Elementary School (Unincorporated area)
  • Frasch Elementary School (Sulphur)
  • Gillis Elementary School (Unincorporated area)
  • W. T. Henning Elementary School (Sulphur)
  • Henry Heights Elementary School (Lake Charles)
  • J. J. Johnson, II Elementary School (Lake Charles)
  • M. J. Kaufman Elementary School (Unincorporated area)
  • John F. Kennedy Elementary School (Lake Charles)
  • E. K. Key Elementary School (Sulphur)
  • LeBleu Settlement Elementary School (Unincorporated area)
  • Maplewood Elementary School (Sulphur)
  • Moss Bluff Elementary School (Unincorporated area)
  • A. A. Nelson Elementary School (Lake Charles)
  • Oak Park Elementary School (Lake Charles)
  • Prien Lake Elementary School (Lake Charles)
  • St. John Elementary School (Lake Charles)
  • Vincent Settlement Elementary School (Unincorporated area)
  • R. W. Vincent Elementary School (Sulphur)
  • Vinton Elementary School (Vinton)
  • T. H. Watkins Elementary School (Lake Charles)
  • J.I. Watson Elementary School (Iowa)[7]
  • Pearl Watson Elementary School (Lake Charles)
  • Western Heights Elementary School (Westlake)
  • Westwood Elementary School (Westlake)
  • Ralph Wilson Elementary School (Lake Charles)

Other schoolsEdit

  • Lake Charles-Boston Academy of Learning (Lake Charles)


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