Cada mañana

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Cada Mañana (Spanish: Every Morning) was a very successful TV show that ran for 5 years by the Mexican network Azteca 13. The show had interviews with famous people, sketches, entertainment sections, dance lessons and more.

The show started on July 24, 2000 with Leonardo Daniel, Laura Luz, Luz Blanchet, Ana María Alvarado and Paco Lala's as hosts. In October 2000, Leonardo Daniel left the show and the famous Mexican actor Omar Fierro took his place. After some personal conflicts between two of the hosts (Luz Blanchet and Omar Fierro) Omar decided to leave the show in December 2001 and after 1 month, the actor Francisco de la O took his place in January 2002.

The show was at its best moment then, but in November 2003, Laura Luz, one of the principal and most beloved hostesses left it for personal reasons. Her place was first taken by Betty Monroe with no success since she got pregnant and she had to leave the show after some months, then the Venezuelan actress Ana La Salvia took Betty's place but she also got pregnant and she also had to leave the show few months after her entrance.Luz Blanchet also left the show in July 2004. Finally the singer of the famous band Flans Mimí took Luz's place until the end of the show in December 2005. Francisco de la O left the show 1 month before its cancellation.

Even though the program was very successful during its first years, the ratings started to fall while the original hosts were leaving the show. The very last shows were hosted by Paco Lala's, Mexican young actress Claudia Álvarez and Mexican TV Host Jean Duverger. The TV show "Venga la Alegría" took its place on January 2, 2006.