Corpus of Electronic Texts

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The Corpus of Electronic Texts, or CELT, is an online database of contemporary and historical documents relating to Irish history and culture.[1] As of 8 December 2016, CELT contained 1,601 documents, with a total of over 18 million words.[2] In 1992, CELT originated from the ashes of an unsuccessful partnership between University College Cork (UCC/NUI) and the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) through a project named CURIA.[3] According to CELT, the database "caters for academic scholars, teachers, students, and the general public, all over the world".[4]

Corpus of Electronic Texts
ProducerUniversity College Cork (Ireland)
DisciplinesIrish history and culture
Record depthIndex & full-text
Geospatial coverageIreland
No. of records1,601 (2016)


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