Busted (Harlan Howard song)

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"Busted" is a song written by Harlan Howard in 1962. It was recorded and first released by Johnny Cash (with the Carter Family) for Cash's 1963 album Blood, Sweat and Tears. The first recording was by Burl Ives in 1962. It has subsequently been recorded by several notable artists, including Ray Charles (also in 1963) and Patty Loveless (2009).

Song by Harlan Howard
Songwriter(s)Harlan Howard


The song is about a dirt-poor farmer struggling to support his family, bemoaning a stack of bills, his family's needs, animals that won't produce and land that is barren. He even tries to ask his brother for assistance, but his brother was actually going to come to him for help. Finally, he admits he's going to pack up his family and leave to find a better life.

Cover versionsEdit

Single by Ray Charles
from the album Ingredients in a Recipe for Soul
Released1963 (1963)
Songwriter(s)Harlan Howard


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