Burnley, Nelson, Rossendale and District Textile Workers' Union

The Burnley, Nelson, Rossendale and District Textile Workers' Union (BNRDTWU) was a trade union representing cotton industry workers in the Burnley and Nelson areas of Lancashire in England.

Burnley, Nelson, Rossendale and District Textile Workers' Union
PredecessorBurnley Weavers' Association
Nelson Weavers' Association
Merged intoTransport and General Workers' Union
Headquarters33 Carr Road, Nelson, Lancashire
  • England
Key people
Albert Shaw (gen sec)[1]
Parent organization
Amalgamated Weavers' Association (until 1974)
Amalgamated Textile Workers' Union (1974 to 1983)

The union was formed in 1966 with the merger of the Burnley and District Weavers', Winders' and Beamers' Association and the Nelson and District Weavers' Association, initially as the Burnley, Nelson and District Textile Workers' Union.[1] The Padiham and District Weavers', Winders' and Warpers' Association and the Rossendale Valley Textile Workers' Association joined in 1977, and the union adopted its final name.[2]

The union was initially affiliated to the Amalgamated Weavers' Association, then from 1974 to its successor, the Amalgamated Textile Workers' Union (ATWU). In 1983, it decided to leave the ATWU, and argued that as its largest affiliate, it should be entitled to a proportionate share of the union's funds. The ATWU disagreed, and the dispute went to the High Court of England and Wales, which rejected the Burnley and Nelson union's claim.[3]

In 1984, with membership down to only 1,600, the union merged into the Transport and General Workers Union.[4]


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