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1974 Brazilian presidential election

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The Brazilian presidential election was held in 1974, through a electoral college system with two parties. It was the 22nd Brazilian presidential election, and the 4th from the Brazilian military government.

Brazilian presidential election, 1974

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  Ernesto Geisel.jpg Ulysses Guimarães.jpg
Candidate Ernesto Geisel Ulysses Guimarães
Home state Rio Grande do Sul Rio de Janeiro
Running mate Adalberto Pereira dos Santos Barbosa Lima Sobrinho
Electoral vote 400 76
Percentage 84.00% 16.00%

President before election

Emílio Garrastazu Médici

Elected President

Ernesto Geisel


Historical contextEdit

All elections during the Brazilian military government elected candidates from the National Renewal Alliance Party (ARENA), though the 1966 and 1969 were one-party elections. In others elections during the military government, there were two parties running for elections.


The candidatures were defined in September 1973, on party conventions. The first defined were from the ARENA on day 14 and 15, when Ernesto Geisel was chosen as president candidate, and Adalberto Pereira dos Santos as vice-president.[1]

The Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB) chose its candidates on day 22, when they chose Ulysses Guimarães and Barbosa Lima Sobrinho with 201 votes.[2] The MDB president declared that "with no popular vote, all solutions chosen will be from the ruling party".[2]



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