Frédéric Boyenga-Bofala

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Frederic Boyenga Bofala (born February 3, 1960) is a Doctor in public international law and former teacher-researcher to the university of Lille 2.

Frederic Boyenga Bofala
Unir MN

Boyenga Bofala was born in Mbandaka in Équateur Province. In 2001 he created, and today leads, the Union for the Republic National Movement - UNIR NM (Union pour la Republique Mouvement National - UNIR MN), political party in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), officially recorded in DRC by the ministerial decree N°130 of 7 April 2005 in accordance with the law on the political parties.


Frederic Boyenga-Bofala published:

  • In the Name of Congo Zaire, in January 2012,
  • Congo-Zaire - Remaking the Republic: crowned mission of a generation, in July 2001,
  • Diary for the re-establishment and the maintenance of peace in the area of the large-Lakes, the restoration of the territorial integrity and the re-establishment of the Republic in Congo-Zaire, in March 2002,
  • Congo-Zaire - Our Cause: The message and ambitions of a right cause, in January 2003.

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