Boudica (film)

Boudica (released in the United States as Warrior Queen) is a 2003 British biographical-historical television film about the queen of the Iceni tribe, Boudica. It stars Alex Kingston, Steven Waddington and Emily Blunt in her film debut.

Boudica DVD cover.jpg
Written byAndrew Davies
Directed byBill Anderson
StarringAlex Kingston
Steven Waddington
Emily Blunt
Theme music composerNina Humphreys
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
Running time98 minutes
DistributorIndependent Television (ITV)
Original release
  • 28 September 2003 (2003-09-28)


Boudica, the Warrior Queen of Britain, leads her tribe into rebellion against the Roman Empire and the mad Emperor of Rome Nero.


The statue of Boudica near Westminster Pier, London, was used in the final scenes of the film

The film used locations in the United Kingdom and Romania. The Boudica statue by Thomas Thornycroft near Westminster Pier, London, was used for the film's closing scenes in modern-day London. In Romania, the MediaPro Studios, Bucharest, were used.[1]

The film has been released as A Rainha da Era do Bronze in Brazil, as La Reina de los guerreros in Argentina (video title) and as Warrior Queen in the United States.[2]

According to the movie, King Prasutagus of the Icenii died at about the same time as the Roman emperor Claudius. However, the latter died in 54 AD, while the former died in 61 AD.


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