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Boston Theological Institute

Boston Theological Institute (BTI) is the largest theological consortium in the world, bringing together the resources of theological schools and seminaries throughout the greater Boston area and some of the most prestigious educational institutions. Its member schools include the following:

Boston Theological Institute
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Currently, the BTI is led by Ann McClenahan as its executive director.

Mission statementEdit

The Boston Theological Institute is a consortium of ten theological schools and seminaries in the Boston area. It seeks to enrich each member school's mission, advance intentional collaboration, and share resources in order to advance interreligious and ecumenical learning; to strengthen teaching, learning and research; to maximize the stewardship of resources; and to engage the member schools in building interreligious community.[1] Among the schools' activities has been a festival where their choirs join together in celebrating their interreligious cooperation in a free concert.[2] Pope John Paul II commended member of the Institute at an audience in Rome in 1993.[3] The fortieth anniversary celebration at Harvard included a review of its history.[4]


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