Bodegas Norton

Bodega Norton is a winery founded in the Mendoza area of Argentina. It was created in 1895 by English engineer Sir Edmund James Palmer Norton. The first production came from French imported vines.

In 1989, Bodega Norton was acquired by Austrian businessman Gernot Langes-Swarovski, who aims to make wines recognized worldwide for their quality. Consequently, Bodega Norton is an internationally well-known label of Argentine wine, respected both for its quality and relatively low price.

Mapping the practiceEdit

At Bodega Norton, an innovative work system called Mapping the Practice, "Vineyards inside the vineyard," is applied. Vineyards are divided into small parcels that enable the work and individual tracking to achieve their maximum potential. Due to the soil, age and type of plant differences within each parcel, this system enables the making of a "wine project" for every parcel.

The 5 farms at Bodega Norton have over 1200 hectares fit for growing wine, 680 hectares of which are currently cultivated. Over 150 families of vineyard workers live and work there.


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