Bengie's Drive-In Theatre

Bengie's Drive-In is a drive-in theater in Middle River, Maryland. The Theatre claims to have the largest movie screen in the United States, measuring 52 feet high and 120 feet wide.[1][2] Bengie's opened on June 6, 1956.[3][4]

Bengie's Drive-In
Bengie's Drive-In.jpg
Bengie's Drive-In Marquee
Address3417 Eastern Boulevard
Middle River, Maryland
United States
CoordinatesCoordinates: 39°20′10″N 76°24′14″W / 39.3360°N 76.4038°W / 39.3360; -76.4038


Bengies was built as part of the Vogel Theatre chain, and was designed by a company owner Jack Vogel.[citation needed]

The venue is still family owned and operated.[5]


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