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Belle Epoch

Belle Epoch is an EP by the Brooklyn band Deadbeat Darling. It is the group's first official release.

Belle Epoch
Belle Epoch.jpg
EP by Deadbeat Darling
Released September 22, 2007
Recorded Austin, Texas, Brooklyn, New York, Manhattan, New York
Genre Alternative rock
Label Safety in Numbers
Producer Chris Coady

Track listingEdit

  1. Let it Go
  2. What a Wicked Woman Wouldn't Do
  3. Brother, Brother
  4. Johnny


  • Joseph King - Vocals, Guitar
  • Sanjay Jain - Bass, Keyboard, Vocals
  • Mohit Bhansali - Guitar
  • Alex Wong - Drums
  • Omar Akil Little - Trumpet
  • Chris Coady - Production, Mixing
  • James Toomey - Recording Engineer
  • Angelo Montrone - Mastering
  • Mary Benyo - Artwork
  • Richard Agudelo - Photography