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The Bay Classic Series (currently running as the Lexus of Blackburn Bay Crits) is a road cycling race held annually in and around Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, Australia. The race consists of both a men's and a women's competition over three stages.

The men's stages are approximately one-hour criteriums (45 minutes plus 10 laps) with three sprints at 15-minute intervals. The women's stages are approximately 45-minute criteriums (30 minutes plus 10 laps) with two sprints at 15-minute intervals. Points are awarded to the first 10 riders at the finish (12, 10, 8 to 1). Additional points are awarded in the intermediate sprints to the first three places (3, 2 & 1 points) towards a separate sprint classification. A team classification is calculated from the points of the highest ranked three riders in each team of five.

Many world-class riders have previously ridden in the "Bay Classic Series", including Graeme Brown, Robbie McEwen, Mark Renshaw, Baden Cooke and Chris Sutton.

The event was founded by John Trevorrow in 1989 and is the current race director.[1]

In 2022 the Bay crits will be running on the weekend of January 8-9 2022 at Eastern Gardens Geelong[2]

Past winnersEdit

Year Men's Winner Women's Winner
2020   Sam Welsford   Chloe Hosking
2019   Marco Haller   Valentina Scandolara
2017 [3]   Ian Bibby   Valentina Scandolara
2016   Caleb Ewan   Gracie Elvin
2015   Caleb Ewan   Chloe Hosking
2014   Brenton Jones   Giorgia Bronzini
2013   Caleb Ewan   Melissa Hoskins
2012   Allan Davis   Melissa Hoskins
2011   Matthew Goss   Rochelle Gilmore
2010   Chris Sutton   Rochelle Gilmore
2009   Graeme Brown   Kirsty Broun
2008   Mark Renshaw   Megan Dunn
2007   Mark Renshaw   Katherine Bates
2006   Hilton Clarke   Katie Mactier
2005   Robbie McEwen   Oenone Wood
2004   Baden Cooke   Oenone Wood
2003   Robbie McEwen   Kate Bates
2002   Robbie McEwen   Rochelle Gilmore
2001   Robbie McEwen   Anna Milward
2000   Brett Aitken   Karen Barrow
1999   Robbie McEwen   Anna Wilson
1998   Brett Aitken   Anna Wilson
1997   Robbie McEwen   Sandra Smith
1996   David McKenzie   Anna Wilson
1995   Neil Stephens   Kathy Watt
1994   Rick McCaig   Kathy Watt
1993   Peter Attard
1992   Glenn Clarke
1990   Glenn Clarke
1989   Peter Steiger

Race CancellationsEdit

The Bay Classic Series has been running continuously since 1989, with some exceptions:

Year Reason
2021 Not held due to the COVID 19 pandemic
2018 Not held due to a clash with the National Road Cycling Championships

Past ResultsEdit


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