Marquess of Powis

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Marquess of Powis was a title in the Peerage of England. It was created in 1687 for William Herbert, 1st Earl of Powis.[1] He had already succeeded his father as third Baron Powis in 1667 and had been created Earl of Powis in the Peerage of England in 1674; Marquess of Powis and Viscount Montgomery in 1687. When James II went into exile in France, the Marquess followed him. He served as Comptroller of the Royal Household and his wife Elizabeth as Governess of the Royal children.[2] He was rewarded in 1698 by the titles Duke of Powis and Marquess of Montgomery, but these titles in the Jacobite Peerage (though used) were not recognised in England.

Marquess of Powis
Coronet of a British Marquess.svg
Arms of the Earl of Powis
Arms: Per pale Azure and Gules, three Lions rampant Argent. Crest: A Wyvern wings elevated and addorsed Vert, holding in the mouth a sinister Hand couped at the wrist Gules. Supporters: Dexter: A Panther guardant Argent, spotted of various colours, fire issuing out of the mouth and ears proper, ducally gorged Azure; Sinister: A Lion Argent, ducally gorged Gules.
Creation date24 March 1687
Created byJames II
PeeragePeerage of England
First holderWilliam Herbert, 1st Marquess of Powis
Last holderWilliam Herbert, 3rd Marquess of Powis
Subsidiary titlesEarl of Powis
Viscount Montgomery
Baron Powis
Baronet ‘of Redcastle’
Extinction date8 March 1748
(One I will serve)

The title of Baron Powis was created in the Peerage of England in 1629 for William Herbert. He was the son of Sir Edward Herbert, second son of William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke and Anne Parr. This Herbert family were thus members of a junior branch of the prominent Welsh family headed by the Earl of Pembroke. The peerages became extinct on the death of the first Marquess's grandson, the third Marquess, in 1748.

Barbara, daughter of Lord Edward Herbert, younger son of the second Marquess of Powis and brother of the third Marquess, married Henry Arthur Herbert, who was created Earl of Powis in 1748. They inherited his estates. See this title for more information.

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