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Barisal City Corporation is a self-governed municipal administration in Bangladesh that administers and oversees development and maintenance works in the city of Barisal. The corporation covers an area of over 58 square kilometers in the Barisal district where over five million people live as permanent residents. The body was known as Barisal Municipality previously, until it obtained the City Corporation status by a ministry of local government declaration on 25 July 2002.

Barisal City Corporation
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Barisal Nagar Bhaban
Formation25 July 2002
HeadquartersNagar Bhaban, Barisal
Official language
Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah


To provide civil service and facilities to the inhabitants, Barisal Town Committee was formed in 1969 under Act VI of 1868 (B.C.) with the District Magistrate as its Chairman. J. C Price was the first Chairman of the Town Committee. It was upgraded to Barisal municipality in 1876 under the Manicipal Act of 1876. It was then managed by a Committee, of which the District Magistrate was president, and was aided by Government with establishment grants.[1] It remained as a municipality for over 130 years though the number of population have been rising with time. Later in 2001, the ministry of local government meeting on declared to turn two divisional headquarter, Barisal and Sylhet to City Corporations and passed "Barisal City Corporation Act, 2001". An administrative move was made abolishing the Barisal Municipality as the final step to introduce the administrative body as a city corporation. Later on 25 July 2002, the municipality was officially upgraded as Barisal City Corporation.[2]


The Mayor of Barisal City is head of the Barishal City Corporation. The mayor's office is located in Nagar Bhabon. It has jurisdiction over all thirty wards of the city, administers all city services, public property, most public agencies, and enforces all city and state laws within the city.


To date, 3 individuals have served as mayor. This list does not include all acting mayors, particularly those appointed by the mayor to cover short periods when the mayor would be away from the city. It does include people who served as acting mayor for at least six months due to a vacancy in the office of the mayor, but who were not officially elected as mayor. The acting mayors are not included in the count of mayors.

# Mayor Term start Term end   Party
Ahsan Habib Kamal[a] 2002 2003 Bangladesh Nationalist Party[3][4]
1 Majibur Rahman Sarwar 2003 2007 Bangladesh Nationalist Party[4][5]
Awlad Hossain Dilu[b] 2007 2008 Bangladesh Nationalist Party[6][7]
2 Shawkat Hossain Hiron 2008 2013 Bangladesh Awami League[7][8]
3 Ahsan Habib Kamal 2013 2018 Bangladesh Nationalist Party[8][9]
4 Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah 2018 Incumbent Bangladesh Awami League[10]

Deputy MayorsEdit

The Mayor of Barisal City may appoint several Deputy Mayors to assist him and to oversee major offices within the executive branch of the city government. The current deputy mayors are: Gazi Noimul Hossain Litu (Panel Mayor-1) and Rafiqul Islam Khokon (Panel Mayor-2).


Election result 2018Edit

Barisal City Corporation Election 2018
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Awami League Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah 1,09,803
BNP Mujibur Rahman Sarwar 13,041
Awami League gain from BNP

Election result 2013Edit

Barisal City Corporation Election 2013
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
BNP Ahsan Habib Kamal 82,751
Awami League Shawkat Hossain Hiron 66,741
BNP gain from Awami League


The city corporation is run by a joint staff of elected public representatives and government officials. Officials both come from departmental recruitment and the administrative cadre service of the country. The area of BCC is divided into 4 thanas: Kotwali, Kawnia, Bandar and Airport. The thanas are subdivided into 3j0 wards and 225 mahallas. It is administrated by 30 councilors, 9 woman councilors and the mayor elected by the local government election which sits in the office for a five-year tenure.


The Barisal City Corporation is responsible for administering and providing basic infrastructure to the city.

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  • a Ahsan Habib Kamal served as acting mayor from when Barisal City Corporation was created until the first city election could be held.
  • b Awlad Hossain Dilu served as acting mayor while Sarwar was under arrest.


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