Baharestan (district)

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Enterance facade of the previous National Assembly in Baharestan Square

Baharestan (Persian: بهارستان‎) is a locality east of the central part of Tehran in Iran. The historical Baharestan building is located in this neighborhood.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Tehran, the Embassy of India School, is in Baharestan.[1]



  1. ^ "Contact us Archived 2016-03-09 at the Wayback Machine" (click button for the section). Kendriya Vidyalaya Tehran. Retrieved on June 21, 2016. "LOCATION:KVT is located in the heart of the city, Dirstrict [sic] No. 12, commonly known as: Baharestan" and "OUR ADDRESS: No. 24, Darvish Street, Noor mohammadi Ave, Qayedi (Hedayat) Avenue, Sǎdi Ave, TEHRAN, Islamic Republic of IRAN"

Coordinates: 35°41′30″N 51°25′30″E / 35.69167°N 51.42500°E / 35.69167; 51.42500