Lake Auquiscocha

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Lake Auquiscocha[1][2] or Auquishcocha[3] (both possibly from Wanka Quechua awkish to water, to irrigate; to give to drink,[4] Quechua awki prince; a mythical figure of the Andean culture, qucha lake)[5][6] is a lake in the Cordillera Blanca in the Andes of Peru located in the Ancash Region, Carhuaz Province, Shilla District.[7] It is situated at a height of about 4,303 metres (14,117 ft).[1][3] Auquiscocha lies at the foot of Chequiaraju in the north and Hualcán in the southeast, southwest of Lake Chequiacocha.[1][3]

Lake Auquiscocha
Auquiscocha - Chajiaco.jpg
Auquiscocha and the Chajiaco glacier
Location of the lake in Peru.
Location of the lake in Peru.
Lake Auquiscocha
Coordinates9°11′35″S 77°33′24″W / 9.19306°S 77.55667°W / -9.19306; -77.55667Coordinates: 9°11′35″S 77°33′24″W / 9.19306°S 77.55667°W / -9.19306; -77.55667
Surface elevation4,303 m (14,117 ft)


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