British NVC community MG1

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British NVC community MG1, Arrhenatherum elatius grassland, is one of the mesotrophic grassland communities in the British National Vegetation Classification system. This type of plant community was named in 1919 as Arrhenatheretum elatioris Br.-Bl.. It is a very widespread community throughout the British lowlands of England, Wales and southern and eastern Scotland.

The following constant species are found in this community:

One rare species, Nottingham Catchfly (Silene nutans), is associated with this community.


There are five subcommunities, and two of these have been further subdivided into a number of variants:

  • the Festuca rubra subcommunity, subdivided into:
    • a Centaurea scabiosa variant
    • a Geranium pratense variant
    • a Bromus sterilis variant
    • a Myrrhis odorata variant
    • an Epilobium angustifolium variant
  • the Urtica dioica subcommunity, subdivided into:
    • a Papaver rhoeas variant
    • an Artemisia vulgaris variant
    • an Epilobium hirsutum variant
  • the Filipendula ulmaria subcommunity
  • the Pastinaca sativa subcommunity
  • the Centaurea nigra subcommunity


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