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Apollon Kalamarias B.C. is the basketball section of Apollon Kalamarias, the Greek multisport club based in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki. The women's team stands out from the club because has won two championships and one cup.[1][2]

Apollon Kalamarias
Founded1959 (men's)
1968 (women's)
LocationThessaloniki, Greece
Team colors         


Women's teamEdit

The women's team of Apollon Kalamarias was founded in 1968, nine years after founding of men's team.[3] It is the most successful section of Apollon since it is the only department that has won Panhellenic titles. It is also the only women's basketball team from Thessaloniki that has won a Greek championship or Greek cup. Apollon Kalamarias has won two championship and one cup.[1][2] The current season the club plays in A2 Ethniki women's.

Recent seasonsEdit

Season Division Place Notes
2006-07 A2 Ethniki 8th
2007-08 A2 Ethniki 1st promoted to A1
2008-09 A1 Ethniki 4th
2009-10 A1 Ethniki 11th relegated to A2
2010-11 A2 Ethniki 1st promoted to A1
2011-12 A1 Ethniki 11th relegated to A2
2012-13 A2 Ethniki 5th
2013-14 A2 Ethniki 9th
2014-15 A2 Ethniki 6th
2015-16 A2 Ethniki 5th

Men's teamEdit

Men's team of Apollon kalamarias was founded in 1959, thanks to initiatives of Giorgos Meliadis.[3] Apollon played for many years in Gamma Ethniki basketball. The most successful period of the club was the period 2009-2011 when Apollon played for three consecutive seasons in Beta Ethniki Basketball. The current season, Apollon played in Thessaloniki local division (5th tier).


Women's team


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