Apex Records (Canada)

Apex Records was a Canadian record label owned by the Compo Company which lasted as late as 1980.

Apex Records (Canada)
Parent companyCompo Company
Founded1921 (1921)
Defunct1980 (1980)
Distributor(s)Decca Records
MCA Records
Country of originCanada
LocationToronto, Ontario

Compo established the Apex label in July 1921 in Toronto. It released American recordings from Okeh Records and Gennett Records, among others. It also released recordings by Canadian artists for both the Anglophone and Francophone communities.

After Compo began a distribution arrangement with Decca Records (USA) in 1935, the Apex name was dropped. Apex was revived in 1942 to market Canadian recordings. American Decca bought Compo in 1951. In 1952, Apex resumed issuing American recordings from the various independent American record companies which were established after World War II. Compo was renamed MCA Records (Canada) in 1970, retaining the Apex label for Francophone recordings for a few years before phasing out the label. MCA Canada formally abandoned the trademark in 1984.[1]

Discography of 45 rpm singles (incomplete)Edit

Listed in alphabetical order by artist's first name:

Artist Catalogue # Lead single B-side Single
Al Alberts 76833 "Till Then" "Blue O'Clock In The Morning"
Andy Williams 76577 "Lonely Street' "Summer Love'
Andy Williams 76627 "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" "The Village of Saint Bernadette"
Archie Bleyer 76697 "Mustafa" "Jimmie's Blues"
Bill Hayes 76057 "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" "Farewell"
Bill Justis 76208 "Raunchy" "Midnight Man"
Bobby Vinton 76822 "I Love You the Way You Are" "You're My Girl"
The Bobbettes 76849 "Teddy" "Row Row Row"
The Bobbettes 76899 "My Mama Said" "Sandman"
Brenda & The Tabulations 77037 "Dry Your Eyes" "The Wash"
Brother Dave Gardner 76166 "White Silver Sands" "Fat Charlie"
Buchanan Brothers 77097 "Medicine Man Part 1" "Medicine Man Part 2"
Buddy Knox 76229 "Swingin' Daddy" "Whenever I'm Lonely"
The Original Casuals 76241 "So Tough" "I Love My Darling"
Champs 76643 "Too Much Tequila" "Twenty Thousands Leagues"
Champs 76702 "Coconut Grove" "Alley Cat"
Champs 76843 "Mr. Cool" "3/4 Mash"
Champs 76912 "Switzerland" "Only the Young"
The Chancellors 76950 "Little Latin Lupe Lu" "YoYo"
The Chancellors 76970 "So Fine" "I'm a Man"
Chordettes 76068 "Humming Bird" "I Told A Lie"
Chordettes 76090 "Born to Be with You" "Love Never Changes"
Chordettes 76099 "Teen Age Goodnight" "Lay Down Your Arms"
Chordettes 76290 "Zorro" "Love Is A Two Way Street"
Chordettes 76693 "A Broken Vow" "All My Sorrows"
Cleftones 76094 "Neki-Hokey" "Can't We Be Sweethearts?"
Counts 76994 "Searchin'" "He Will Break Your Heart"
Dave "Baby" Cortez 76828 "Fiesta" "Hey Hey Hey"
Del Shannon 76883 "Sue's Gotta Be Mine" "Now She's Gone"
Dickey Lee 76941 "She's Walking Away" "Big Brother"
Dickie Goodman 76819 "Ben Crazy" "Flip Side"
Doc Burch 76439 "Catch a Little Moonbeam" (unknown)
Ritchie Valens 76472 "That's My Little Suzie" "In A Turkish Town"
Don Abraham/The Ambassadors 76798 "Cruel Betty, Cruel" "International Twist"
Donna Loren 76839 "I'm In Love With the Ticket Taker at The Bijou Movie" "I'm Gonna Be All Right"
Donna Loren 76867 "Dream World" "(Remember Me) I'm the One Who Loves You"
Donna Loren 76881 "I'm Gonna Be All Right" "Johnny's Got Something"
Everly Brothers 76191 "Wake Up Little Susie" "Maybe Tomorrow"
Everly Brothers 76392 "Problems" "Love Of My Life"
Ritchie Valens 76530 "Little Girl" "We Belong Together"
Everly Brothers 76570 "(Till) I Kissed You" "Oh, What a Feeling"
Everly Brothers 76644 "Let It Be Me" "Since You Broke My Heart"
Frankie Lymon 76427 "Up Jumped a Rabbit" "No Matter What You've Done"
Gene Summers and his Rebels 76278 "School of Rock 'n Roll" "Straight Skirt"
Gene Summers and his Rebels 76306 "Nervous" "Gotta Lotta That"
The Harptones 76111 "Three Wishes" "That's The Way It Goes"
The Hollywood Flames 76222 "Buzz-Buzz-Buzz" "Crazy"
J-Double-R (HipHop Artist Canadian & Usa) 76636 "Soo City" "Hip-Hop Re'Birth"
Jerry Wallace 76954 "You're Driving You Out of My Mind" "Helpless"
Jimmie Rodgers 76283 "Make Me a Miracle" "Secretly"
Jimmie Rodgers 76390 "Tucumcari" "The Night You Became Seventeen"
Jimmie Rodgers 76391 "Bimbombey" "You Understand Me"
Jimmie Rodgers 76510 "Ring-a-ling-a-lario" "Wonderful You"
Jimmy Bowen 76149 "I Trusted You" "Warm Up to Me Baby"
Jimmy Dean 76022 "Release Me" "Sweet Darling"
Johnny Thunder 76842 "Loop de Loop" "Don't Be Ashamed"
Kirby St. Romaine 76872 "Bambola" "Empty Arms Again"
Kirby Stone Four 76180 "S'Wonderful" "Raven"
Maymie & Robert 76164 "Ain't No Way in the World" "Parting Tears"
The Penguins 76056 "Earth Angel" "Hey Senorita"
The Playmates 76380 "Beep Beep" "Your Love"
The Raftsmen 76886 "Something to Sing About" "Kelligrew's Soiree"
The Regents 76761 "Runaround" "Laura My Darling"
Ritchie Valens 76402 "Donna" "La Bamba"
The Rock-A-Teens 76591 "Woo-Hoo" "Untrue"
Ronnie Dove 76021 "Cry" "Autumn Rhapsody"
Ronnie Dove 76923 "Say You" "Let Me Stay Today"
Ronnie Dove 76935 "Right or Wrong" "Baby, Put Your Arms Around Me"
Ronnie Dove 76956 "One Kiss for Old Times' Sake" "Bluebird"
Ronnie Dove 76966 "A Little Bit of Heaven" "If I Live to Be a Hundred"
Ronnie Dove 76974 "I Had to Let You Go" "I'll Make All Your Dreams Come True"
Ronnie Dove 76983 "Kiss Away" "Where In The World"
Ronnie Dove 77003 "Happy Summer Days" "Long After"
Ronnie Dove 77007 "I Really Don't Want To Know" "Years of Tears"
Ronnie Dove 77032 "One More Mountain to Climb" "All"
Ronnie Hawkins 76499 "Forty Days" "One of These Days"
Shirley & Lee 76102 "Let the Good Times Roll" "Do You Mean to Hurt Me"
The Trashmen 76894 "Surfin' Bird" "King Of The Surf"
Wayne Newton 76913 "Little White Cloud" "Born When You Kissed Me"
Vernon Dalhart 76913 "Wreck of the Old 97" "The Prisoners Song"
Witness Inc. 77044 "I'll Forget Her Tomorrow" "Girl Before You Go"
Witness Inc. 77063 "Jezebel" "Not You Girl"
Witness Inc. 77077 "Harlem Lady" "I Put A Spell On You"
Witness Inc. 77087 "Visions of Vanessa" "Another Side of Her"
Witness Inc. 77093 "So Come with Me" "I've Got To Go"
Webb Pierce 76026 "Jilted Love" "I'm Happy You Hurt Me"


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