Angel Hays

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Angel Hays, (born c. 1918, died January 12, 2008, Saint-Quentin-de-Chalais, France) was a French celebrity and inventor. Some sources, using the misspelled name Angelo, claim he survived a premature burial for two days.[1]

Hays, a farm worker and inventor, said that on September 1, 1937, he fractured his skull in an accident, and he said he was "considered to be dead"[2] and "was almost buried alive"[3] The incident led Hays to develop a coffin that could sustain human life, which he demonstrated at a fair in Saint-Aulaye, France in 1974, surviving 30 hours buried underground, [4] and in 1984 survived two days buried at the "Festival des records et inventions" in Aubigny, France.

His invention led to several appearances on TV.


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