Andrea Sabbatini

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Andrea Sabbatini (1487–1530) (var. Andrea Sabatini or Andrea da Salerno) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance.

Andrea Sabbatini
Nativity, one of the most beautiful works of Andrea Sabbatini
RelativesSilvestro Sabbatini

He was born in Salerno, and initially trained under Raimondo Epifanio in Naples, but moved to Rome and became a close disciple of Raphael.

Andrea da Salerno created a number of important paintings with religious motives, such as The Adoration of the Cross, The Seven Church Teachers, Saint Nicholas in a Throne Between his Saviors, Offering of the Kings, Madonna with Child, etc., which are displayed in the Museum of Naples. He also produced frescoes in churches, such as in Santa Maria delle Grazie, San Gennaro dei Poveri, and others.

It is said that Andrea da Salerno was Raphael's disciple, and absorbed most of his style. This is particularly evident in one of his last works, The Nativity.

He served as one of the Captains Regent of the Republic of San Marino from April to September 1527.

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Two Saints
Madonna with Child
Religious Scenes (detail)

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