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Amritsar MetroBus (Amritsar BRTS) is the bus rapid transit system (BRTS) in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India.[8] Amritsar MetroBus allows easy travel to different places in city like the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Guru Nanak Dev University and Khalsa College[9] for nominal fares.[10] The time gap or frequency between two buses on the same route is five minutes.[11].Amritsar MetroBus is the second rapid transit project in North of India after Delhi Metro

Amritsar BRTS
Transit typeBus rapid transit
Number of lines7
Number of stations47
Daily ridership91000[1]
Chief executivePublic Works Department, Amritsar
HeadquartersAmritsar, Punjab, India
WebsiteAmritsar Metrobus
Began operation28 January 2019[2][3]
Operator(s)Punjab Bus Metro Society (250 employees)[4][5]
Number of vehicles93[6][7]
System length31 km (19 mi)
Top speed21 km/h (13 mph)
System map
Amritsar MetroBus Map


Construction and OperationEdit

The project was commenced on 19 September 2013[12] and was launched on 28 January 2019 with the cost of 545 crore (US$79 million).[13][14] Construction work started on 26 February 2015. In September 2016, 90% of work was completed.[15] Amritsar BRTS is based on Ahmedabad BRTS model[16] and was constructed on the lines of Metrobus (Istanbul).[17] Volvo Buses showed its interest in BRTS project at the holy city of Amritsar.[18] The Amritsar MetroBus operates with 93 Air-conditioned AT buses by Tata Marcopolo.[19] After the launch MetroBus recorder ridership of 41000 passengers within one week.[20] Amritsar BRTS authorities sold more than 8,000 smart cards to daily passengers within a week.[21] The transportation system is completely free for school students in uniform up to senior secondary classes.[22] After launch, for first three month project was free of cost for commuters.[23]

Key featuresEdit

Some of the key features of Amritsar BRTS are:[24]

  • Automatic Doors at metro Stations for passengers safety.
  • Overheard bridges for pedestrians
  • Two different lanes for movement of buses in both directions.
  • Intersections will act as boarding place for the buses.
  • Complete Air conditioned buses.
  • Automated doors of all buses.
  • Lifts for commuters at Metro Stations on elevated corridor.
  • A special Metro smart Card[25] similar to that like in Metro Rails.
  • Smart Announcements at Metro Stations and in Metro Buses similar to those in Metro Raiways.
  • Retrofitted Metro Stations on elevated corridor.


MetroBus' 31 km route have multiple routes[26] and corridors[27][28]:

  • Atari Road – ISBT to India Gate via Bhandari Bridge, GNDU, Chheharta (12 km)
  • Jalandhar Road – ISBT to MCA Gate via Tarawalan Pul (6 km)
  • Verka Road – ISBT to Verka via Hussainpura Bridge, G. T. Road Bypass (13 km)
  • Sham Singh Attari Wala gate and Bhandari Bridge[29] to India Gate
  • Bhandari Bridge to Daburji[30]
  • Daburji Bypass to Verka
  • Verka to Celebration Mall[31]
  • Celebration Mall to Sant Singh Sukha Singh Chowk
  • 4S Chowk to Kitchlu Chowk
  • Kitchlu Chowk to Old Sadar Police Station

In February 2019, citizens demanded service to be extended to Circular road due to frequent traffic congestion in the area.[32]

Green mobilityEdit

Amritsar Smart City Limited planned to add additional 30 Electric buses and 9000 electric Auto rickshaws for feeder service to the Amritsar BRTS.[33]


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