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A view of Cermis mountain.

Cermis (Alpe Cermis in italian) is a mountain of the Lagorai group in eastern Trentino, Italy in the comune of Cavalese.

Part of the Val di Fiemme-Obereggen, it is famous for its ski slopes.

It was the scene of major disasters involving the aerial tramway style cable car system on the mountain: the Cavalese cable car disaster in 1976, and the Cavalese cable car disaster in 1998; the latter occurred when a U.S. military plane, while flying too low against regulations, cut a cable supporting a gondola of an aerial tramway, killing 20 people. The two cable car runs of the system involved in those incidents have since been replaced by three consecutive multi-cabin gondola lifts. The arrival site of the first chair lift, from where the second starts, may be also reached by road.


Tour de SkiEdit

The Alpe Cermis is climbed annually as the final stage in the Tour de Ski. The Final Climb stage up the alpine skiing course has been the final stage every year since the first Tour de Ski in 2006–07.[1] The stage held as a mass start in 2020.

Final Climb stage winnersEdit

Martin Johnsrud Sundby won the Final Climb stage in 2016 and 2018.
Year Name Nation Time
2007 Sergey Shiryayev   Russia 32:07.8
2008 René Sommerfeldt   Germany 32:59.0
2009 Ivan Babikov   Canada 33:51.2
2010 Lukáš Bauer   Czech Republic 33:43.4
2011 Lukáš Bauer   Czech Republic 30:28.3
2012 Alexander Legkov   Russia 30:38.2
2013 Marcus Hellner   Sweden 29:59.6
2014 Chris André Jespersen   Norway 31:58.8
2015 Roland Clara   Italy 29:13.0
2016 Martin Johnsrud Sundby   Norway 30:47.0
2017 Maurice Manificat   France 29:20.0
2018 Martin Johnsrud Sundby   Norway 28:36.4
2019 Sjur Røthe   Norway 30:32.0
2020 Simen Hegstad Krüger   Norway 30:55.8
In 2020, Therese Johaug won the stage up the Alpe Cermis for the eighth time.
Year Name Nation Time
2007 Kateřina Neumannová   Czech Republic 34:24.5
2008 Valentina Shevchenko   Ukraine 34:06.2
2009 Therese Johaug   Norway 35:07.7
2010 Kristin Størmer Steira   Norway 35:49.8
2011 Therese Johaug   Norway 33:14.4
2012 Therese Johaug   Norway 34:17.7
2013 Therese Johaug   Norway 34:12.4
2014 Therese Johaug   Norway 34:19.8
2015 Therese Johaug   Norway 32:16.4
2016 Therese Johaug   Norway 33:14.8
2017 Heidi Weng   Norway 33:34.3
2018 Heidi Weng   Norway 32:11.5
2019 Ingvild Flugstad Østberg   Norway 35:15.0
2020 Therese Johaug   Norway 34:21.6


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Coordinates: 46°14′32″N 11°30′09″E / 46.24222°N 11.50250°E / 46.24222; 11.50250