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The Alma (Ukrainian: Альма; Russian: Альма, Crimean Tatar: Alma) is a small river in Crimea that flows from the Crimean Mountains in a broadly west-north-west direction to the Black Sea. Its mouth lies just south of Pishchane [uk], halfway between Yevpatoria and Sevastopol. Alma is the Crimean Tatar word for an "apple".

Alma river.jpg
Alma river near memorial of Battle of Alma
Native nameАльма
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationBabuğan Yayla, Crimean Mountains
 ⁃ location
Kalamita bay of the Black Sea
Length83 km (52 mi)


The Alma is formed by the confluence of the Sary-su, the Savlykh-su and the Babuganka (Babuğan Yayla) rivers, and flows mostly through the mountains.[1] The Alminskoye and Partizanskoye storage reservoirs are located along its course.[1]

Near the Alma river the allied British, French, and Ottoman armies defeated the Russians under Prince Aleksandr Sergeevich Menshikov on 20 September 1854.[2]


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