Alexis Alford

Alexis Rose Alford (born April 10, 1998), also known as Lexie Limitless, is an American woman who is notable for traveling to 196 countries before reaching the age of twenty-one.[4][5] She holds the official Guinness World Record for being the Youngest Person to Travel to All Sovereign Countries (overall).[6]

Alexis Alford
Personal information
BornAlexis Rose Alford[1]
(1998-04-10) April 10, 1998 (age 23)[2]
  • Adventure traveler
  • photographer
  • blogger
  • YouTube personality
Alexis Alford on Instagram
YouTube information
Also known asLexie Alford
Lexie Limitless
Years active2017–present
Subscribers328 thousand[3]
Total views13.5 million[3]
Associated actsYes Theory
YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg 100,000 subscribers 2020
YouTube Gold Play Button 2.svg 1,000,000 subscribers
YouTube Diamond Play Button.svg 10,000,000 subscribers

Updated: July 18, 2021

Early lifeEdit

Alford was born and raised in Nevada City, California to a middle class family.[7] She decided by the age of twelve that she wanted to explore the world.[8] Her parents were travel agents from whom she learned the skills of booking reservations and planning an itinerary.[8] At age 18, she graduated with an associate degree at a community college.


After earning her degree, Alford had saved up funds by working during her teenage years to self-fund her travels. In addition, she supplements her income by blogging, doing freelance photography, and selling prints; according to Alford, she spends an "ungodly amount of time researching the best deals and thoroughly learning how to travel to exotic places on a budget".[9] While traveling, she describes herself as a minimalist, carrying only the supplies that she needs in a backpack along with her videography equipment.[10]

I simply wanted to push the limits of what I thought I could do with my life and see as much of the world as possible in the process.

— Alford in 2019[10]


She launched her YouTube channel a few months after bagging her world record. She called it Lexie Limitless.[11] The latter shares her travel adventures, struggles and success as a young female traveler, and the various cultures and ways of life around the world. One of her most viewed videos is My Impossible 5 Minute Trip to North Korea, in which she recorded her 5-minute trip to austere North Korea.[12]

Guinness World RecordEdit

While travelling, Alford suddenly thought of attempting to break a world record. What started off as a trivial attempt soon felt like a serious purpose.[13]

In some of Alford's vlogs, she recounted the demanding requirements for the process of application for Guinness World Record.[14] In the span of 6 months, Alford constantly filled up pounds of paperwork which the traveler described as "the most intense organization" she ever had to do.[15] Ultimately, Alford submitted circa 7,000 sheets of documentations in chronological order. Alford revealed the need to pay Guinness World Record USD$800 within 2 weeks in exchange for their response to questions an applicant would personally ask. Upon the completion of her application, Alford submitted hers for review only to learn that she must pay more money to the organization.

Furthermore, Alford detailed the rigorous evidences necessary as proof she has visited every single nation in the world. Requirements encompass multitudinous tickets and receipts used during the travels, such as food receipts and bus tickets, in each destination. It additionally required covered letters; a transportation log book; a witness statement log in chronological order; all of which entailed detail-oriented explanations. Alford also ran into issues with passports in terms of details. A few stamps lacked ink, resulting to vague records of date and the likes. One requirement Alford found most difficult was the need for two witnesses in each country that can read, speak, and write English properly to ask for their personal contact information.

Upcoming BookEdit

Alford recently announced that she is currently writing a book about being the youngest person to travel all of 196 sovereign countries of the world.[16]


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