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Alcapurria is a fritter dish from Puerto Rico.

A tray of alcapurrias
Alcapurria filling
Place of originPuerto Rico
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsGreen banana, yautía, achiote and meat
Other informationPopular throughout:
Puerto Rico
Dominican Republic


The dough surrounding the meat, the masa, is made primarily of green banana and grated xanthosoma ("yautía") in most of Puerto Rico.

The meat is often ground beef, such as picadillo, but can be any chopped meat like corn beef or seafood. The masa is refrigerated for several hours to achieve a solid consistency, then filled with picadillo, ground beef, etc., and deep-fried in oil.

Other versions on the island include cassava with yautía (alcapurria de yuca) and are often stuffed with crab meat. Cassava is grated then squeezed removing as much liquid as possible. The masa is then mixed with yautía and annatto oil. Plantains, squash and yautía masa filled with meat is another popular recipe. Alcapurrias are also one of the many dishes served at kiosk stands and cuchifritos.

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