Alberich Glacier

Alberich Glacier (77°36′S 161°36′E / 77.600°S 161.600°E / -77.600; 161.600Coordinates: 77°36′S 161°36′E / 77.600°S 161.600°E / -77.600; 161.600) is a small glacier that drains west from Junction Knob toward the east flank of Sykes Glacier, in the Asgard Range, Victoria Land, Antarctica. It is one in a group of features in the range named by New Zealand Antarctic Place-Names Committee mainly from Norse mythology. In German legend, Alberich is the all-powerful king of the dwarfs and chief of the Nibelungen.

Alberich Glacier
Phillips Glacier
Map showing the location of Alberich Glacier
Map showing the location of Alberich Glacier
Location of Alberich Glacier in Antarctica
LocationVictoria Land
Coordinates77°36′S 161°36′E / 77.600°S 161.600°E / -77.600; 161.600
Length40 km (25 mi)
TerminusSykes Glacier

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  This article incorporates public domain material from "Alberich Glacier". Geographic Names Information System. United States Geological Survey.