Al Jawf Governorate

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Al Jawf (Arabic: الجوف Al-Jawf) is a governorate of Yemen. Its capital is Al Hazm.

Al Jawf
محافظات الجوف
Al Jawf in Yemen.svg
Country Yemen
SeatAl Hazm
 • Total30,620 km2 (11,820 sq mi)
 • Total772,645
 • Density25/km2 (65/sq mi)

Al Jawf Governorate borders 'Amran Governorate to the west, Sanaa Governorate to the southwest, Ma'rib Governorate to the south, Hadhramaut Governorate to the east, Saudi Arabia to the northeast, and Saada Governorate to the north.

Since mid-2011, the majority of the governorate has been under the control of the Houthis.[2][3][4]

As of April 2020, Houthi forces control all of the 12 districts of the Al-jawf province and 95% of the governorate after the 2020 offensive except for Khabb wa ash Sha'af.[5]

On 15 July 2020, a Saudi Arabian airstrike in Al Hazm District in Al-Jawf Governorate killed seven Yemeni civilians.[6]

On 17 August 2020, a Houthi missile attack killed 11 government troops, including a senior officer.[7]


Al Jawf Governorate is divided into the following 12 districts. These districts are further divided into sub-districts, and then further subdivided into villages:


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Coordinates: 16°47′N 45°31′E / 16.783°N 45.517°E / 16.783; 45.517