Al-Ittihad SC (Basra)

Al-Ittihad Sport Club (Arabic: نادي الاتحاد الرياضي‎), is an Iraqi multi-sport club based in Al-Ashar, Basra.

Al-Ittihad SC
Full nameAl-Ittihad Sport Club
Founded1937; 84 years ago (1937)
GroundAl-Ittihad stadium
ChairmanDr. Sabah Mahdi
LeagueIraq Division Two
WebsiteClub website


Al-Ittihad was founded in 1937, is third sport club that become established in Iraq after Al-Tayaran and Al-Minaa.[1] In the 1940s, the club was receiving direct support from Prince Abd al-Ilah. Prince Abd al-Ilah's encouragement was the first motive for the club's activity, as he visited Basra on every occasion, he came to the stadium to enjoy one of the football matches that the club was running. He also donated a silver cup to the football club bearing his name in 1947, and on April 22, 1949 the prince spent an entire day in the club's hospitality to supervise himself the activities of the club teams.[2]

Since 1976 season the club was playing in the Iraqi League[3] in three seasons,[4] then relegated Iraq Division One in 1979 season.[5]

The club played in Iraq Division one and won this championship in 1980–81 season and promoted in the league again and played 1981–82 season in league.[6]





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