CB Sant Josep

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Club Bàsquet Sant Josep was a professional basketball team based in Girona, Catalonia, Spain.

Sant Josep
Sant Josep logo
LeaguesLiga EBA
HistoryCB Sant Josep
CB Girona
CB Sant Josep
ArenaPalau Girona-Fontajau
LocationGirona, Catalonia, Spain
Team colorsWhite and Red
PresidentFrancesc Ferroni
Championships1 FIBA EuroCup
2 Catalan Leagues


The club was founded in 1962 by Ramon Sitjà as CB Sant Josep. In 1989 it became the Anonymous Sport Association (SAD). In 1987, when the ACB was enlarged to 24 teams, CB Girona entered the first division. In 1991, the club had to buy the rights of the Granollers EB to stay in the ACB as they were going to be relegated to the second division.

In 2007, Girona won the FIBA EuroCup championship, which was hosted at Palau Girona-Fontajau arena. They beat Azovmash Mariupol in the final after having beaten Adecco Estudiantes in the semifinals.

After the end of the 2007–2008 season, CB Girona suffered serious economic problems, with a debt of over €6 million euros. On July 25, 2008, the club announced that it would not participate in the 2008–09 season of either the Spanish ACB League or the Eurocup.[1]

The SAD was dissolved original CB Sant Josep Girona was kept for beginning playing in Adecco Bronce, the fourth level Spanish division.

In the 2009–10 season, Sant Josep bought a LEB Oro place from CB Vic and played the quarterfinals of the promotion playoffs. On the next season, Girona finished in fourth position, arriving to the semifinals. In summer 2012, after three season spent at LEB Oro, the club resigns to its spot in the league and decides to continue playing in Liga EBA, Spanish fourth division.

In April 2013, CB Sant Josep announced it would be dissolved at the end of the 2012–13 season.[2]


Season by seasonEdit

Season Tier Division Pos. W–L Copa del Rey European competitions
1983–84 3 2ª División 1st
1984–85 3 2ª División 10th
1985–86 3 2ª División 5th
1986–87 2 1ª División B 12th 16–18
1987–88 2 1ª División B 7th 28–16
1988–89 1 Liga ACB 23rd[a] 17–27 Round of 16
1989–90 1 Liga ACB 18th 18–21 Quarterfinalist 3 Korać Cup R2 3–1
1990–91 1 Liga ACB 9th 20–20
1991–92 1 Liga ACB 13th 19–22 Quarterfinalist
1992–93 1 Liga ACB 16th 12–21 First round
1993–94 1 Liga ACB 17th 12–20 Second round
1994–95 1 Liga ACB 17th 18–25
1995–96 1 Liga ACB 11th 19–19
1996–97 1 Liga ACB 14th 14–20
1997–98 1 Liga ACB 12th 14–20
1998–99 1 Liga ACB 8th 18–19
1999–00 1 Liga ACB 10th 16–18 3 Korać Cup SF 11–1–2
2000–01 1 Liga ACB 9th 15–19 3 Korać Cup R2 0–2
2001–02 1 Liga ACB 11th 17–17
2002–03 1 Liga ACB 15th 12–22
2003–04 1 Liga ACB 13th 15–19
2004–05 1 Liga ACB 16th 11–23
2005–06 1 Liga ACB 7th 19–19 Quarterfinalist
2006–07 1 Liga ACB 5th 22–16 Quarterfinalist 3 FIBA EuroCup C 16–1
2007–08 1 Liga ACB 8th[b] 22–15 Quarterfinalist 2 ULEB Cup RU 12–5
2008–09 4 LEB Bronce 12th[c] 13–17
2009–10 2 LEB Oro 9th 19–20
2010–11 2 LEB Oro 4th 23–19
2011–12 2 LEB Oro 12th[d] 16–18
2012–13 4 Liga EBA 10th 15–15
  1. ^ Remained in ACB after the merge between Cacaolat Granollers and Grupo IFA.
  2. ^ CB Girona SAD was dissolved, and original club CB Sant Josep was invited to play at LEB Bronce.
  3. ^ Bought the LEB Oro spot to CB Vic.
  4. ^ Resigned to its berth at LEB Oro.

Participations in European competitionsEdit

  • 1989-90 Korać Cup: Eliminated in the second round
  • 1999-00 Korać Cup: Eliminated in the semifinals
  • 2000-01 Korać Cup: Eliminated in the second round
  • 2006-07 FIBA EuroCup: CHAMPIONS
  • 2007-08 ULEB Cup: runners up

Trophies and awardsEdit


Individual awardsEdit

ACB Most Valuable Player

All-ACB Team

All LEB Oro First Team

  • Levi Rost – 2011


  • 1987–1998: Valvi Supermercats, the club was renamed Valvi Girona
  • 1998–1999: No sponsor, the club was renamed Girona Gavis
  • 1999–2005: Casademont, the club was renamed Casademont Girona
  • 2005–2008: Akasvayu, the club was renamed Akasvayu Girona
  • 2008–2010: No sponsor, the club was renamed CB Sant Josep Girona
  • 2010–2012: Girona FC, the club was renamed the name of the football team
  • 2012–present: No sponsor, the club was renamed CB Sant Josep Girona

Notable playersEdit

Notable coachesEdit


CB Girona plays in Palau Girona-Fontajau, which has a capacity of 5,049 spectators. The arena was inaugurated in 1993 by NBA player Moses Malone, at a match between the local team Valvi Girona and PAOK Salonica.

Supporter groupsEdit

"Girona a l'ACB" platformEdit

Girona a l'ACB demonstration with over 1,100 people (Girona, June 8, 2008).

"Girona a l'ACB" platform (translated from Catalan: Girona in ACB) was created on May 23, 2008, by CB Girona fans. Its purpose was to support the team and the club so they could get rid of the debt and continue playing in the top Spanish division the next year. A website was created for that [3] (in Catalan and Spanish), and there were more than 10,500 signatures collected. Some protests were also made, like a demonstration with over 1,100 people, a basketball match in front of the city hall and a sit-down protest, amongst other actions. 300 T-shirts were also sold.


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