Agri (river)

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The Agri is a river in the Basilicata region of southern Italy.[1] In ancient times it was known as Aciris (Ancient Greek: Ἄκιρις, romanizedAkiris).[2][3] The source of the river is in the Lucan Apennines north of Monte Volturino and west of Calvello in the province of Potenza.[4] It is near the source of the Basento. The river flows south near Paterno before curving southeast. It flows near Tramutola, Viggiano, and Grumento Nova before entering a lake. After exiting the lake, the river flows eastward near Armento, Missanello, Aliano, and Sant'Arcangelo. A right tributary, the Racanello, enters the river in this area. The river forms the border between the province of Potenza and the province of Matera for part of this area of the river. It flows into a small lake before entering the province of Matera. The river flows for a short distance before entering Lago di Gannano. After exiting the lake, the river flows southeast near Tursi, Montalbano Jonico, and Scanzano Jonico before flowing into the Gulf of Taranto near Policoro.

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Course of the Agri
Physical characteristics
 • locationnorth of Monte Volturino
 • elevation1567 meters above sea level
MouthGulf of Taranto
 • location
near Policoro
 • coordinates
40°13′20″N 16°44′28″E / 40.2223°N 16.7411°E / 40.2223; 16.7411Coordinates: 40°13′20″N 16°44′28″E / 40.2223°N 16.7411°E / 40.2223; 16.7411
Length136 km (85 mi)
Basin size1,770 km2 (680 sq mi)
 • average20 m3/s (710 cu ft/s)


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