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Ayatollah Zia Addin Araki

Agha Zia ol Din Araghi (Persian: آقا ضیاء الدین عراقی‎) was an eminent Shia jurist, Usuli and Mujtahid during the flourishing the Usul Fiqh in Ja'fari school in Shia after Muhammad Baqir Behbahani.



Araghi was born on 1861 in Arak, Iran. His name was Shaykh Ali but known him as Zia Addin. His father was Mulla Muhammad Kabir Araghi and was Shia jurist and Mujtahid.[1]


First he learned the preliminary stages in Arak and then travelled to Isfahan and reside in Sadr religious school. He participated in Isfahan in the courses of Masters like Agha Sayyed Muhammad Hashim Chahar Souqi, Mirza jahangir Khan Qashqaei, Akhun Muhammad Kashi, and Abul Ma'ali Kalbasi. Then he Immigrated to Najaf, Iraq. Of course before coming to Najaf, he first had the place of judge in Samara but this occupation did not satisfy him. Among his known masters in Najaf it could be refer to Mirza Habib Rashrti, Akhund Khorasani, Sayyed Muhammad kazim Tabatabei Yazdi, Mirza Khalil Hoseini, Shaykh Al Shariah, Sayyed Muhammad Tabatabei Fesharaki, and Mirza Ebrahim Mahallati Shrazi.[2]


He also taught many eminent pupils such as follow:[3][4][5]

  • Sayyed Muhsin Hakim
  • Sayyed Muhammad Taqi Khansari
  • Sayyed ABul Qasem Khansari
  • Sayyed Mahmud Shahroudi
  • Sayyed Abul Qasem Khoei
  • The late Muhammad Taqi Bahjat
  • Sayyed Abdullah Shirazi
  • Sayyed Abdul Hadi Shirazi
  • Sayyed Aul Hasan Shirazi
  • Ayatollah Qaravi Aliyari
  • Shaykh Muhammad Taqi Amoli
  • Mirza Hashem Amoli

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