Little Miss Devil

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Afrita hanem (Arabic: عفريتة هانم‎, English: Little Miss Devil) is a 1949 Egyptian film about Asfour, a poor singer, played by Syrian musician Farid Al Atrache, who falls in love with Aleya, the somewhat spoiled daughter of his boss.

Afrita hanem
Directed byHenry Barakat
Produced byFarid Al Atrache
Written byAbo El Seoud El Ebiary
StarringSamia Gamal
Farid Al Atrache
Lola Sedki
Music byFarid Al Atrache
CinematographyAhmed Adley
Edited byEmile Bahri
Release date
Running time
97 minutes


Asfour wants to marry Aleya, but her father won't let the marriage happen due to Asfour's class status. Asfour turns to a genie for help, but the genie, a female genie named Kahramana, played by noted Egyptian actress and dancer Samia Gamal, falls in love with Asfour instead, and tries to manipulate his desires.


According to the British Film Institute’s book 100 Film Musicals, Afrita hanem critiques modernity: “Running through all these films (as through so many Indian films), exploring moral dilemmas in bourgeois family settings, is a discourse in which western modernity – cars, clothes, manners – is viewed negatively in relation to traditional values. The sage who presides over the genie in Afrita Hanem pops up from time to time to deliver homilies about materialistic greed and selfishness.”[1]


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