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Afghan Turk International School & Colleges

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Afghan Turk International School & Colleges are the members of a chain of Turkish educational institutions established in 1995 and running under the auspices of Afghan Turk International Cag Educational Foundation for pursuit of excellence in education in Afghanistan.[1] Annually Afghan Turk High Schools graduate their students get the highest ranks in Afghanistan[2] and over the world.[3] In January 2014, Afghan Education Minister Ghulam Farooq Wardak said that he would like Turkey to increase the number of Turkish-Afghan schools in Afghanistan, opening a school in each province as an education role model.[4]

Afghan Turk International Cag Educational Foundation
TypePrivate school



The first Afghan Turk school was founded in 1995 in Sheberghan city in the then-proto state northern Afghanistan. Immediately after that, in the year 1996 the second Afghan Turk school was opened in Mazar-i-Sharif. During the Taliban era several other schools were established under the Afghan Turk chain of schools. But they specially flourished after the fall of Taliban and since then have succeeded to become one of the flagship educational institutions of the country.


Afghan Turk High Schools provide the groundwork studies from pre-school to universities level for the achievements in the Federal Board of Intermediate Education and other Provincial Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Afghan Turk educational institutions prepare willing students for YOS (Foreign Student Education) which is essential to get admission to a higher education degree program in Turkey, thus facilitating them with the opportunity of further education in Afghanistan, Turkey and elsewhere in the world. As the Afghan Turk Foundation says "Afghanistan is our friend country and they helped us when they had nothing their selves after the first world war,and now it's our turn to help them in these situations".[1]


Admission to Afghan Turk High schools is competitive. Students have to pass entrance examinations. Mostly entrance examinations are in three parts:

  • Optional Questions from major subjects (Maths, English, Islamic Studies, Science, Humanities, Languages)
  • Literary Exam mostly from Maths, English, Geometry, Aptitude Test
  • Final exams where limited students will be selected, and question are mostly from Turkish Language, Maths, English, and Geometry.
  • Currently, students from 9th grade up to 11th can also apply their admission in Ariana Afghan-Turk high school and Herat Afghan-Turk high school with passing one exam out of these two subjects: Math and English
  • If the students can't pass the second or third exam they also can pay a price of $2750 in an academic year and other must pay $3000 in a year. (The fee varies in different branches)
  • The first exam has over 9000 participants, the second exam has over 300 and finally the Afghan-Turk high school will accept 150 students. (The number of accepted students vary in different branches)
  • The top 10 students in the exams will study for free in Afghan-Turk high schools, 50 of the students must paid $750 and the other 90 student must pay $2750 or $3000 for a year.

High schoolsEdit

  • Kabul Ariana Afghan Turk High Schools (boys)
  • Kabul Afghan Turk High Schools (girls)
  • Mazar i Sharif International Afghan Turk High Schools (boys)
  • Mazar i Sharif Afghan Turk High Schools (girls)
  • Herat Afghan Turk High Schools (boys)
  • Herat Afghan Turk High Schools (girls)
  • Kandahar Shah Husain Hotak Afghan Turk High Schools (boys)
  • Sheberghan Afghan Turk High Schools (boys)
  • Jalal abad Afghan Turk high school (boys)

Primary schoolsEdit

  • Omid Afghan Turk Private Primary School

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