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Green glazed faience weight, inscribed for the high Steward Aabeni

Aabeni was an Ancient Egyptian official with the title high steward. He was therefore one of the most important officials at the royal court, in the Thirteenth Dynasty, around 1750 BC. Aabeni is known from a number of monuments, the most important one is the Papyrus Boulaq 18.[1] This papyrus is an account of the Theban palace dating to the Thirteenth Dynasty where he appears in several lists of officials. Aabeni is also known from a weight found at Abydos and a stela coming from the same place. The exact dating of Papyrus Boulaq 18 is dispute in Egyptology,[2] therefore it remains open under which king Aabni served, but in the papyrus also appears the vizier Ankhu, both officials were therefore contemporary.


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