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Emerson Electric's AN/APG-69 is an X band coherent pulse doppler radar originally designed for the F-20 Tigershark aircraft. Northrop skipped over the APG-69 in favor of the General Electric AN/APG-67 for the F-20 project, but the APG-69 was marketed to a number of other F-5 operators, and other light fighter projects like the ALR Piranha. The AN/APG-69 never went beyond the flight test/demo stage into production.

Unlike Emerson's earlier radars, the APG-69 offered a complete suite of air-to-air and air-to-ground modes. The air-to-air modes included velocity search for long-range wide-angle searches, track-while-scan, single target track and dogfight modes that locked onto the closest target. The APG-69 was capable of guiding the AIM-7 Sparrow missile, making it the first of Emerson's offerings to reach production with beyond visual range capability. The air-to-ground modes included Doppler-Beam Sharpening mapping, moving target search and track, and sea-surface-search modes.