Association of International Collective Management of Audiovisual Works

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The Association of International Collective Management of Audiovisual Works (AGICOA; French: Association de Gestion Internationale Collective des Oeuvres Audiovisuelles).


Set up in the eighties, AGICOA is a collecting society undertaking collective rights management for over 18,000 worldwide audiovisual works producers/distributors and/or their assignees (the rightsholders) from the retransmission and related digital services of audiovisual works. AGICOA collects royalties in their names and distributes them among the rightsholders.

AGICOA is set up as an Alliance of some 12 organizations in a unique partnership that enables the efficient international collective management of intellectual property rights.

AGICOA, together with CISAC and FIAPF, is a founding partner of ISAN_IA, the International Agency which delivers the ISO standard, ISAN (International Standard Audiovisual Number), a voluntary numbering system for the identification of audiovisual works.

The AGICOA AllianceEdit

  • AGICOA, Switzerland
  • AGICOA EUROPE, Luxembourg
  • AGICOA GmbH, Germany
  • AGICOA NORGE, Norway
  • ALGOA, Luxembourg
  • ANGOA, France
  • APFI, Finland
  • EGEDA, Spain
  • FRF, Sweden,
  • GEDIPE, Portugal
  • ZAPA, Poland

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