(Redirected from (which stands for "4 girls, 3 days, 2 cities, 1 chance") is a 2010 British-American crime thriller film directed by Noel Clarke and Mark Davis, written by Clarke and starring Emma Roberts, Tamsin Egerton, Ophelia Lovibond, Shanika-Warren Markland, Mandy Patinkin, Helen McCrory, Kevin Smith, Susannah Fielding, Camille Coduri and Clarke.[2] It was released on 2 June 2010.
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Original film poster
Directed byNoel Clarke
Mark Davis
Produced byDamon Bryant
Dean O'Toole
Noel Clarke
Written byNoel Clarke
StarringEmma Roberts
Tamsin Egerton
Ophelia Lovibond
Shanika Warren-Markland
Mandy Patinkin
Helen McCrory
Kevin Smith
Noel Clarke
Music byAdam Lewis
CinematographyFranco Pezzino
Edited byMark Davis
Mark Everson
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Release date
  • 2 June 2010 (2010-06-02)
Running time
117 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom
United States
Box office$1,163,967[1]


Four 19-year-old friends: Joanne, Cassandra, Shannon, and Kerrys, all meet one other at a diner, where they see Dillon and Smoothy. As the police turn up, Dillon and Smoothy run off and Dillon accidentally drops a stolen diamond into Cassandra's bag. The four girls then walk out and go their separate ways home.

Shannon returns home just as her mother is leaving her father. Jo calls Shannon over to the 24-hour supermarket where she works with Angelo, but tells her to leave as soon as she arrives. When she refuses, Dillon kisses Jo, upsetting Shannon, so she grabs a Pringles tube from the shop and runs away.

After getting drunk at a bar, Shannon is attacked by a gang and then rescued by Kelly. Shannon finds out that Kelly is searching for "15 diamonds". One is already in Cassandra's bag, and the rest are in the tube that fell out of Shannon's bag when she was attacked. Shannon escapes and retrieves the tube, then leaves a message informing Jo about diamonds. Later, Shannon tracks down her mother and accuses her of not caring about her, especially when she forced her to get an abortion. Shannon soon holds the diamonds above a bridge, contemplating suicide.

Meanwhile, Cassandra visits New York City to meet up with Brett, whom she has met on the internet, and audition for a piano school. She has sex with Brett and in the morning finds all her possessions gone, except for her handbag, which contains a diamond. She also finds a letter written by Shannon's mother explaining why she left. She mails it to Kerrys' house to deliver it to Shannon.

She goes to Brett's house to find that Brett is a stalker who hacked into Cassandra's computer, taking videos of her. When the fake Brett comes, she knocks him out and erases the footage and proceeds to take photos of his genitals as revenge. Cassandra forces her way into an impromptu audition with Jago Larofsky and wins a place at his school. She then leaves to go home to London, telling Jo she knows where Shannon is.

After witnessing her brother Manuel receive a package with instructions from Dillon and Smoothy, Kerrys and her girlfriend Jas break into Cassandra's home and stay there for the weekend. Manuel arrives there and they discover a panic room. Manuel locks them in the panic room, returns the package to Dillon and Smoothy as instructed and throws a party. When the two girls escape from the panic room, they angrily force everyone out of the flat. Kerrys goes home and finds Shannon's mother's letter that Cassandra had sent her. After making amends with her father, she locks Manuel in the trunk of his new car and drives off to find Shannon, but when he tries to attack her, she crashes the car into Jo's shop.

Jo begins to become suspicious of her new manager, Tee, who has been working with Dillon and Smoothy to deliver the diamonds, but one is missing. Dillon and Smoothy come to get the money, but find that Tee has betrayed them, keeping the money for himself, and they hold up the store in retaliation.

When Shannon arrives, Jo tries to make her leave and Dillon kisses Jo, whom unseen to Shannon, is at gunpoint. Shannon leaves, stealing the Pringles, and Dillon and Smoothy escape, leaving Tee with the 14 diamonds, which Tee had hidden in the tube that Shannon stole. The next day, Jo realizes that Shannon has the diamonds, and when Tee is about to be shot by Kelly, Jo rescues him before Kerrys crashes Manuel's car into the shop. Jo helps Kerrys escape and leaves a note and a DVD implicating Tee, but when he tries to run, Angelo attacks him and Tee is then arrested by the police.

Cassandra returns with the last diamond. She meets Jo and Kerrys and they go to find Shannon. They talk her down and give her the letter, comforting her. They put the 15 diamonds together, give them to the police and fly to New York City with Kelly also on the plane.


Critical receptionEdit

The film has received mixed reviews from critics. As of June 2020, the film holds a 37% approval rating on film review website Rotten Tomatoes, based on 30 reviews with an average rating of 4.66 out of 10.[3]

Peter Bradshaw from British newspaper The Guardian and Wendy Ide from The Times both gave the film a negative review.[citation needed] Bradshaw said the film is "all over the place", also deeming that the acting is on the "torpid side", and Ide believed the film "might just claim back a small corner of the multiplex audience from the relentless onslaught of cynical Hollywood garbage" and described the film as "mostly" bad.[citation needed]

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
Various Artists
Released28 May 2010 (2010-05-28)
GenreFilm soundtrack
LabelSony Music Entertainment
ProducerNoel Clarke
Singles from Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  1. "Keep Moving"
    Released: 28 May 2010

The soundtrack was released on 28 May 2010 by Sony Music Entertainment.[4]

  1. "Keep Moving"- Adam Deacon & Bashy featuring Paloma Faith
  2. "No Bullshit" – Bodyrox
  3. "When I'm Alone" – Lissie
  4. "Ya Get Me" (Movie Snippet) – Adam Deacon
  5. "On This Ting" – Adam Deacon
  6. "A Different Light" – Kerry Leatham
  7. "Bend Over" (Movie Snippet) – Kevin Smith & Tamsin Egerton
  8. "Better Days" (Revox) – Speech Debelle featuring Micachu, Wiley and Incredubwoy
  9. "I Wanna Party" – Mz Bratt
  10. "Don't Look Back" – The Union Exchange
  11. "Go Home" – Eliza Doolittle
  12. "Do You Fancy Me?" (Bluff) – Kerry Leatham
  13. "No Significance" – Davinche featuring Henriette Bond
  14. "Drunk Girls" – Stefan Abingdon
  15. "Paradox" – WKB featuring Myles Sanko
  16. "Dance Flor" – Davinche
  17. "This Year" – Mz Bratt featuring Griminal
  18. "Forever" – Ashley Walters
  19. "She's a Gangsta" – Bashy featuring Zalon
  20. "You Took My Shopping" (Movie Snippet) – Tamsin Egerton
  21. "Typical Actor" – Adam Deacon
  22. "Pretty Young Things" – Bodyrox
  23. "My Size Kid" – Adam Deacon
  24. "Strangely Sexy Though" (Movie Snippet) – Emma Roberts


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