31st Infantry Division Calabria

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The 31st Infantry Division Calabria was an infantry division of the Italian Army during World War II. The Calabria Division, formed from the 31st Infantry Brigade "Caprera" 15 October 1939, was part of the garrison at Sardinia where it remained until it surrendered to the Allies after the Italian surrender in September 1943. The Division would then serve on the Allied side until the end of the war.

31st Infantry Division Calabria
31a Divisione Fanteria Calabria.png
31st Infantry Division Calabria Insignia
CountryItaly Regno d'Italia
Kingdom of Italy
BranchItaly Regio Esercito
Royal Italian Army
EngagementsWorld War II
General Riccardo Pentimalli
Calabria Division collar insignia31 divv collar insignia.jpg


In the 1940, the division was tasked with the protection of the Sardinia north-west coast, with the garrisons in Sassari, Porto Torres, Alghero and Santa Teresa Gallura. In April 1942, the duties of division were extended for the whole northern half of Sardinia. Promptly switching allegiance in the aftermath of the Armistice of Cassibile, it defended the Sassari against a half-hearted attack of German 90th Light Infantry Division (Wehrmacht) 9 September 1943. 12–14 September 1943 it skirmished with the Germans at Martis and Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola, trying to speed up their evacuation. 25 September 1943 the Calabria division was demoted to security division status, and remained with the police and coastal defence duties in Sardinia until the end of war in May 1945.[1]

Order of battleEdit

  • 59th Infantry Regiment
  • 60th Infantry Regiment
  • 177 CCNN Legion (Blackshirts)[nb 1]
  • 40th Field Artillery Regiment
  • 31 Mortar Battalion
  • 31 Antitank Company
  • 31 Engineer Battalion
  • 31 Medical Services
  • 31 Supply Services
  • 13 Pioneer Company
  • 50 Medical Section
  • 31 Motor Transport Section
  • 48 Bakery Section
  • 91 Carabinieri Section
  • 92 Carabinieri Section [nb 2][3]


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  1. ^ later renamed 359th Infantry Regiment when the Division served on the Allied side after the armistice in 1943)
  2. ^ An Italian Infantry Division normally consisted of two Infantry Regiments (three Battalions each), an Artillery Regiment, a Mortar Battalion (two companies), an Anti Tank Company, a Blackshirt Legion of two Battalions was sometimes attached. Each Division had only about 7,000 men, The Infantry and Artillery Regiments contained 1,650 men, the Blackshirt Legion 1,200, each company 150 men.[2]


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