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The September 2016 Budapest explosion occurred on 24 September 2016 when a young man detonated a nail bomb to kill two patrolling police officers. A policeman and a policewoman suffered injuries but survived the attack. After the incident the police chief in charge announced a full-scale investigation and promised to give 10 million HUF to the ones who report the perpetrator. According to Zsolt Molnár, the chairman of the National Security Commission of the Hungarian Parliament, the attack unlikely has anything to do with other terror-related incidents in 2016 in Europe.[2]

2016 Budapest explosion
Budapest explosion perpetrator.png
The perpetrator some minutes before the explosion
LocationOktogon in Budapest
Date24 September 2016
22:36:18 (UTC+1)
TargetPolice officers
Attack type
WeaponsNail bomb
Non-fatal injuries
PerpetratorLászló Gergely P.[1]


The alleged perpetrator, László Gergely P., was caught on 19 October 2016 by the Counter Terrorism Centre in Keszthely. The 23 years old man is a Hungarian citizen without any kind of criminal antecedents; his father was earlier the mayor of Karmacs, a small village in Zala county. According to prosecutors, he planned to blackmail the Hungarian Ministry of Interior for €1 million.[3]


The perpetrator's trial started on January 31, 2018.[4] On September 12, he was sentenced to prison for life.[5]


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