2006 FIFA World Cup qualification – AFC Fourth Round

The AFC Fourth Round of 2006 FIFA World Cup qualification was held on 8 and 12 October 2005 between the two teams that finished third in the third round.

2006 FIFA World Cup qualification – AFC Fourth Round
Tournament details
Dates3 September 2005, 8 & 12 October 2005
Teams2 (from 1 confederation)
Tournament statistics
Matches played2
Goals scored2 (1 per match)
Attendance80,000 (40,000 per match)
Top scorer(s)Uzbekistan Maksim Shatskikh
Bahrain Talal Yousef
(1 goal each)

The winning team advanced to a play-off against the fourth-placed team of the CONCACAF qualifying group, Trinidad and Tobago. The winner of this play-off will qualify for the 2006 World Cup finals.

The first leg was originally played on 3 September 2005 but the match was ordered to be replayed by FIFA after a refereeing mistake. With Uzbekistan leading the tie 1–0, a penalty was awarded to them but the referee disallowed the resulting goal and offered an indirect free kick to Bahrain for encroachment. Uzbekistan had formally requested for the match to be recorded as an automatic 3–0 victory.[1][2]


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Uzbekistan   1–1 (a)   Bahrain 1–1 0–0


Uzbekistan  Annulled[note 1]  Bahrain
Uzbekistan  1–1  Bahrain
Shatskikh   19' Report Yousef   17'
Bahrain  0–0  Uzbekistan
Attendance: 25,000
Referee: Graham Poll (England)

1–1 on aggregate. Bahrain won on away goals and advanced to the CONCACAF–AFC play-off.


  1. ^ The Uzbekistan v Bahrain match originally finished as an 1–0 win for Uzbekistan, but the match saw referee Toshimitsu Yoshida misapply of the Laws of the Game regarding penalty kicks. Following a protest by Uzbekistan, the result was annulled by FIFA and the match was ordered to be replayed, which took place on 8 October 2005.
  2. ^ The Bahrain v Uzbekistan match was originally scheduled to take place on 7 September 2005, 19:05, but was later rescheduled after the first leg was ordered to be replayed.[3]


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