2004 Mozambican general election

General elections were held in Mozambique on 1 and 2 December 2004 to elect a president and the Assembly of the Republic. Incumbent president Joaquim Chissano stepped down after 18 years in power, with five candidates running to succeed him. Armando Guebuza of the ruling FRELIMO party won, with over 60% of the vote. FRELIMO also won the Assembly elections, taking 160 of the 250 seats. Turnout for both elections was just over 36%.[1]

2004 Mozambican general election

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Turnout33.60% Decrease 35.94 pp
Presidential election
  Armando Guebuza, President of Mozambique (cropped).jpg
Afonso Dhlakama.jpg
Nominee Armando Guebuza Afonso Dhlakama
Popular vote 2,004,226 998,059
Percentage 63.74% 31.74%
Parliamentary election

Party Leader % Seats ±
FRELIMO Armando Guebuza 62.03 160 +27
Renamo-UE Afonso Dhlakama 29.73 90 -27
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Mozambican presidential election map, 2004.svg
Presidential election results map
President before President after
Joaquim Chissano
Armando Guebuza



Officials expected the winner to be formally announced on 17 December, but it was delayed until 21 December. Guebuza won with 63.7% of the vote, and took office in February 2005. Afonso Dhlakama of RENAMO came second with 31.7% of the vote, and announced that he did not recognize the results.

Armando GuebuzaFRELIMO2,004,22663.74
Afonso DhlakamaRENAMO998,05931.74
Raul DomingosParty for Peace, Democracy, and Development85,8152.73
Yaqub SibindyIndependent Party of Mozambique28,6560.91
Carlos ReisUnited Front for Change and Good Governance27,4120.87
Valid votes3,144,16894.44
Invalid/blank votes184,9995.56
Total votes3,329,167100.00
Registered voters/turnout9,142,15136.42
Source: Carter Center, IFES


Assembly results showing number of seats won by each party per constituency
Party for Peace, Democracy, and Development60,7582.000New
Party of Freedom and Solidarity26,6860.880New
National Reconciliation Party18,2200.600New
Independent Party of Mozambique17,9600.5900
Mozambique Social Broadening Party15,7400.5200
Labor Party14,2420.4700
Social Liberal Party13,9150.4600
Ecological Party-Land Movement12,2850.400New
United Front for Change and Good Governance11,0590.360New
Democratic Union10,3100.3400
Greens Party of Mozambique9,9500.330New
Liberal and Democratic Party of Mozambique9,2630.3000
Democratic Reconciliation Party9,0260.300New
Union for the Salvation of Mozambique8,6610.280New
Broad Opposition Front7,5910.250New
Mozambique Democratic Liberal Party3,7200.1200
United Congress of Democrats1,2520.040New
People's Democratic Party4480.010New
Valid votes3,045,42991.68
Invalid/blank votes276,4978.32
Total votes3,321,926100.00
Registered voters/turnout9,142,15136.34
Source: EISA


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