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The 1999 Mnet Video Music Awards was the first of the annual music awards in Seoul, South Korea that took place on November 27, 1999, at Little Angels Arts Center.[1]

1999 Mnet Video Music Awards
Mnet Korean Music Festival (MKMF) 1999.png
DateNovember 27, 1999 (1999-11-27)
LocationLittle Angels Arts Center, Seoul, South Korea
Hosted byChoi Hal Li
Most awardsH.O.T. (2)
Most nominationsH.O.T., Lee Seung-hwan (3)
WebsiteMnet Asian Music Awards
Television/radio coverage
NetworkSouth Korea: Mnet
Runtime100-110 minutes

Leading the nominees were the boy-band group H.O.T. and solo artist Lee Seung-hwan with three each, followed by four artists including the new boy-band group g.o.d with three. By the end of the ceremony, boy-band group H.O.T., Lee Seung-hwan and Lee Jung-hyun received the most wins with two awards.



The award-giving body began in this year under the name "Mnet Km Music Festival" (MKMF).[2] During this time, it was the first and only Korean music video awards ceremony.[3] It consists of 14 categories including the Best International Artist. The grand awards (or daesang) were Best Popular Music Video and Music Video of the Year.

Winners and nomineesEdit

Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface.[4][5]

Jo Sungmo, Best Ballad Performance
Jaurim, Best Rock Performance
Lee Jung-hyun, Best New Solo Artist and Best Dance Performance
Uhm Jung-hwa, Best Female Artist
Ricky Martin, Best International Artist
Best Popular Music Video
Music Video of the Year
  • H.O.T. - "I Yah!" (아이야)
    • (no nominees announced)
Best New Group Best New Solo Artist
  • Team - "Farewell" (별別)
    • Voice "너만의 천사가 되어"
    • Yada (야다) - "Already Sad Love" (이미슬픈사랑)
    • 0-24 - "Freedom" (자유)
    • g.o.d - "Dear Mother" (어머님께)
Best Female Artist Best Male Artist
  • Uhm Jung-hwa - "I Don't Know"
    • Kwon Jin-won (권진원) - "Happy Birthday To You"
    • Lena Park (박정현) - "A Person in My Dream" (몽중인)
    • Park Ji-yoon (박지윤) - "아무것도 몰라요"
    • Yangpa (양파) - "아디오"
Best Group Best Rock Performance
  • Jaurim - "낙화"
    • Kim Jong-seo - "Broken Hearted"
    • Novasonic - "Empire of the Sun"
    • Deli Spice - "달려라 자전거"
    • Red Plus - "Please Come Again Someday" (언젠가한번꼭한번)
Best Hip Hop Performance Best Indie Performance
  • Honey Family - "Man's Story – My Way"
  • No Brain - "Youth 98" (청춘98)
    • Dr. Core 911 - "Sha Sha Funky Shake" (샤샤 펑키 쉐이크)
    • Dalpalan (DJ 달파란) - "휘파람별의 초대"
    • Blue Punk Bugs (푸펑충) - "어둠의 자식들"
    • Hwang Shin Hye Band (황신혜밴드) - "깡총"
Best Dance Performance Best Ballad Performance
Best Music Video Director Best International Artist
  • Hong Jong-ho (홍종호) - "I Yah!" by H.O.T.
    • Kim Sang-Tae (김상태) - "Men's Story - My Way" (남자이야기) by Honey Family
    • Kim Se-hun (김세훈) - "For Your Soul" by Jo Sungmo
    • 인한 - "Dear Mother" by g.o.d
    • Cha Eun-taek (차은택) - "A Request" by Lee Seung-hwan
Special award
  • 기획상: 대한민국/전 리안 - 이채형

Multiple awardsEdit

Artist(s) with multiple winsEdit

The following artist(s) received two or more wins (excluding the special awards):

Awards Artist(s)
2 H.O.T.
Lee Seung-hwan
Lee Jung-hyun

Artist(s) with multiple nominationsEdit

The following artist(s) received two or more nominations:

Awards Artist(s)
3 H.O.T.
Lee Seung-hwan
Jo Sungmo
Cho PD
Lee Jung-hyun
Uhm Jung-hwa

Presenters and performersEdit

The following individuals and groups, listed in order of appearance, presented awards or performed musical numbers.[6]


Name(s) Role
Choi Hal Li Main host of the 1st annual Korean Music Festival (MKMF)
Joo Young-hoon (주영훈) and Yoon Son-ha Presenters of the award for Best New Group
Cha Soohyun (차수현) Interviewer/backstage host
Gim Rina (김리나) Presenter/host/introducer
윤도현 and Kim Min (김민) Presenters of the award for Best Indie Performance
김광한 and Hwang In-young (황인영) Presenters of the award for Best International Artist
S.E.S., Kim Gun-mo, Uhm Jung-hwa, Puff Daddy, Yang Hyun-suk, Nam Hee-Suk (남희석) VTR greetings
윤상 and Kim Hyo-jin Presenters of the award for Best Ballad Performance
DJ Jun-young and DJ 수 DJs of the night
Yoo Ji-tae Presenter of the award for Best Hip-Hop Performance
정다나 Presenter/host/introducer
Kim Jong-jin (김종진) and Jeon Tae-kwan (전태관) Presenters of the award for Best Rock Performance
Lee Jung-sik (이정식) and Park Jin-hee Presenters of the award for Best Male Artist
Choi Jung-won and Kim Hyung-suk (김형석) Presenters of the award for Best Female Artist
Kim Jiryong (김지룡) and 한성주 Presenters of the special award
Ji na Jeon (전지나) Gives a sneak peek on how to make a music video
Ha Jae-bong (하재봉) and 유지나 Presenters of the award for Best Music Video Director
Kim Youngeon (김영언) Introduces the history of music videos from 1997-1998
Yi Hwi-jae (이휘재) and Yoo Jae-suk Presenters of the award for Best New Solo Artist
Oh Miran (오미란) and Yi Mu-young (이무영) Presenters of the award for Best Dance Performance
Yi Yowon (이요원) and Lee Jung-jae (이정재) Presenters of the award for Best Group
이잔잔 and Lee Eun-jung (이은정) Presenters of the award for Best Popular Music Video Award
Hui Chun-sin (죄희춘) Presenter of the award for Music Video of the Year


Name(s) Performed Notes
난타, 김대환, 박유진 traditional South Korean music/rhythm, violins Animal Jam 1: Opening of the show
Team "Farewell" (별別) Best New Group winner
Honey Family "Man's Story – My Way" Best Hip-Hop Performance winner
Jaurim "낙화" Best Rock Performance winner
Kim Jong-jin (김종진), Jeon Tae-kwan (전태관),김영석, Kim Min-ki (김민기), 미인, 윤도현, Daytripper band/medley/일곱색깔 무지개 Animal Jam 2: Middle of the show
Uhm Jung-hwa "I Don't Know" Best Female Artist winner
Lee Jung-hyun "Come" (와) Best New Artist and Best Dance Performance winner
H.O.T. "I Yah!" (아이야) Best Group winner
Bros 브로스 "Win Win"


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