1936 NFL Draft

The 1936 National Football League Draft was the first draft of the National Football League (NFL). It took place on February 8, 1936, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[1][2][3] The draft was instituted in an effort to end bidding wars among the league's teams by the arbitrary assignment of negotiating rights to amateur players. It was haphazardly decided that the last place team from the previous season would get the first selection, and the process would continue in reverse order of the standings. Under this structure the Philadelphia Eagles, who finished 1935 at 2–9, would select first.[4]

1936 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)February 8, 1936
LocationRitz-Carlton Hotel
in Philadelphia, PA
81 total selections in 9 rounds
First selectionJay Berwanger, HB
Philadelphia Eagles
Mr. IrrelevantPhil Flanagan, G
New York Giants
Most selections (9)each team selected nine players
Fewest selections (9)each team selected nine players
Hall of Famers4
1937 →

This was the only draft to have nine rounds; the number increased to ten for the 1937 draft. The first player ever drafted, Jay Berwanger, who had previously been awarded the initial Heisman Trophy, never played in the NFL. His rights were traded by the Philadelphia Eagles to the Chicago Bears, as the Eagles felt they would be unable to meet Berwanger's reported demand of $1000 per game.[4] The Eagles received tackle Art Buss from the Bears in exchange for Berwanger's rights.[5] George Halas was unable to convince Berwanger to sign with the Bears. After this, Berwanger got a job in rubber sales. Riley Smith, the second pick, was the first player drafted to play in the NFL.

Breakdown of players selectedEdit

The following is the breakdown of the 81 players selected:

Player selectionsEdit

= Pro Bowler[6]
= Hall of Famer[7]
Positions key
B Back BB Blocking back C Center
E End FB Fullback G Guard
T Tackle TB Tailback WB Wingback
Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 1 Philadelphia Eagles Jay Berwanger  HB Chicago Big Ten First winner of the Heisman Trophy award in 1935[8]
1 2 Boston Redskins Riley Smith  QB Alabama SEC
1 3 Pittsburgh Pirates Bill Shakespeare  B Notre Dame Ind.
1 4 Brooklyn Dodgers Dick Crayne  FB Iowa Big Ten
1 5 Chicago Cardinals Jim Lawrence  WB Texas Christian SWC
1 6 Chicago Bears Joe Stydahar  T West Virginia Ind.
1 7 Green Bay Packers Russ Letlow  OG San Francisco (CA) Ind.
1 8 Detroit Lions Sid Wagner  OG Michigan State Ind.
1 9 New York Giants Art "Pappy" Lewis  T Ohio Buckeye
2 10 Philadelphia Eagles McCauley, JohnJohn McCauley  B Rice SWC
2 11 Boston Redskins Topping, KeithKeith Topping  E Stanford PCC
2 12 Pittsburgh Pirates Len Barnum  B West Virginia Wesleyan WVIAC
2 13 Brooklyn Dodgers LeVoir, Vernal "Babe"Vernal "Babe" LeVoir  B Minnesota Big Ten
2 14 Chicago Bears Ed Michaels  OG Villanova Ind.
2 15 Chicago Cardinals Gomer Jones  C Ohio State Big Ten
2 16 Green Bay Packers Wheeler, J.W. "Dub"J.W. "Dub" Wheeler  T Oklahoma MVIAA
2 17 Detroit Lions Cheshire, ChuckChuck Cheshire  B UCLA PCC
2 18 New York Giants Alphonse "Tuffy" Leemans  FB George Washington Ind.
3 19 Philadelphia Eagles Muller, WesWes Muller  C Stanford PCC
3 20 Boston Redskins Ed Smith  BB NYU Ind.
3 21 Pittsburgh Pirates Bobby Grayson  B Stanford PCC
3 22 Brooklyn Dodgers Wagner Jorgensen  C St. Mary's (CA) Ind.
3 23 Chicago Cardinals Eddie Erdelatz  E St. Mary's (CA) Ind.
3 24 Chicago Bears Roscoe, GeorgeGeorge Roscoe  B Minnesota Big Ten
3 25 Green Bay Packers Bernie Scherer  E Nebraska MVIAA
3 26 Detroit Lions Andy Pilney  B Notre Dame Ind.
3 27 New York Giants Loebs, Frank "Butch"Frank "Butch" Loebs  E Purdue Big Ten
4 28 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Wallace  B Rice SWC
4 29 Boston Redskins Paul Tangora  OG Northwestern Big Ten
4 30 Pittsburgh Pirates Truman Spain  T SMU SWC
4 31 Brooklyn Dodgers Paul "Bear" Bryant  E Alabama SEC
4 32 Chicago Bears Bob Allman  E Michigan State Ind.
4 33 Chicago Cardinals Ed Brett  E Washington State PCC
4 34 Green Bay Packers Ward, TheronTheron Ward  B Idaho PCC
4 35 Detroit Lions Sheldon Beise  B Minnesota Big Ten
4 36 New York Giants Gene Rose  E Tennessee SEC
5 37 Philadelphia Eagles Shuford, HarryHarry Shuford  B SMU SWC
5 38 Boston Redskins Groseclose, WilsonWilson Groseclose  T Texas Christian SWC
5 39 Pittsburgh Pirates Sandefur, DickDick Sandefur  FB Purdue Big Ten
5 40 Brooklyn Dodgers Bob Wilson  TB SMU SWC
5 41 Chicago Cardinals Riordan, StanStan Riordan  E Oregon PCC
5 42 Chicago Bears Vern Oech  OG Minnesota Big Ten
5 43 Green Bay Packers Darrell Lester  C Texas Christian SWC
5 44 Detroit Lions Francis, KavanaughKavanaugh Francis  C Alabama SEC
5 45 New York Giants Jontos, Edward A.Edward A. Jontos  OG Syracuse Ind.
6 46 Philadelphia Eagles Barabas, AlAl Barabas  B Columbia Ind.
6 47 Boston Redskins Larry Lutz  T California PCC
6 48 Pittsburgh Pirates Orr, MauriceMaurice Orr  T SMU SWC
6 49 Brooklyn Dodgers Joe Maniaci  B Fordham Ind.
6 50 Chicago Bears Christofferson, TedTed Christofferson  B Washington State PCC
6 51 Chicago Cardinals Antonini, EttoreEttore Antonini  E Indiana Big Ten
6 52 Green Bay Packers Bob Reynolds  T Stanford PCC
6 53 Detroit Lions Abe Mickal  B LSU SEC
6 54 New York Giants Durner, GusGus Durner  T Duke SoCon
7 55 Philadelphia Eagles Jac Weller  OG Princeton Ind.
7 56 Boston Redskins Don Irwin  FB Colgate Ind.
7 57 Pittsburgh Pirates Marty Peters  E Notre Dame Ind.
7 58 Brooklyn Dodgers Schreiber, HerbHerb Schreiber  B St. Mary's (CA) Ind.
7 59 Chicago Cardinals Dennis, TackTack Dennis  B Tulsa MVC
7 60 Chicago Bears Dick Smith  T Minnesota Big Ten
7 61 Green Bay Packers Wally Fromhart  B Notre Dame Ind.
7 62 Detroit Lions Charles Wasicek  T Colgate Ind.
7 63 New York Giants Peeples, BobBob Peeples  T Marquette Ind.
8 64 Philadelphia Eagles Constable, PepperPepper Constable  B Princeton Ind.
8 65 Boston Redskins Wayne Millner  E Notre Dame Ind.
8 66 Pittsburgh Pirates Karpowich, EdEd Karpowich  T Catholic University Ind.
8 67 Brooklyn Dodgers Bob "Bones" Hamilton  B Stanford PCC
8 68 Chicago Bears Sylvester, JohnJohn Sylvester  E Rice SWC
8 69 Chicago Cardinals Ross Carter  OG Oregon PCC
8 70 Green Bay Packers Wally Cruice  B Northwestern Big Ten
8 71 Detroit Lions Rennebohm, DaleDale Rennebohm  C Minnesota Big Ten
8 72 New York Giants Heekin, DaleDale Heekin  B Ohio State Big Ten
9 73 Philadelphia Eagles Pauk, PaulPaul Pauk  B Princeton Ind.
9 74 Boston Redskins Saunders, MarcelMarcel Saunders  OG Loyola (CA) Ind.
9 75 Pittsburgh Pirates Meglen, JoeJoe Meglen  B Georgetown Ind.
9 76 Brooklyn Dodgers Jim "Monk" Moscrip  E Stanford PCC
9 77 Chicago Cardinals Larsen, NielsNiels Larsen  T Stanford PCC
9 78 Chicago Bears Dan Fortmann  OG Colgate Ind.
9 79 Green Bay Packers J. C. Wetsel  OG SMU SWC
9 80 Detroit Lions Train, Bob "Choo Choo"Bob "Choo Choo" Train  E Yale Ind.
9 81 New York Giants Flanagan, PhilPhil Flanagan  OG Holy Cross Ind.

Hall of FamersEdit

  • Dan Fortmann, guard from Colgate taken 9th round 78th overall by the Chicago Bears.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1965.[9]
  • Joe Stydahar, tackle from West Virginia taken 1st round 6th overall by the Chicago Bears.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1967.[9]
  • Wayne Millner, end from Notre Dame taken 8th round 65th overall by the Boston Redskins.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1968.[9]
  • Alphonse "Tuffy" Leemans, back from George Washington University taken 2nd Round 18th overall by the New York Giants.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1978.[10]

Notable undrafted playersEdit

= Pro Bowler[6]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Chicago Bears Ray Nolting  RB Cincinnati Buckeye
Philadelphia Eagles David Smukler  FB Temple Ind.

Schools with multiple draft selectionsEdit

Selections Schools
7 Stanford
6 Minnesota
5 Notre Dame, SMU
3 Alabama, Colgate, Princeton, Rice, St. Mary's, TCU
2 Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State, Oregon, Purdue, Washington State


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