10th Venice International Film Festival (1942)

The "10th" annual (void) Venice International Film Festival was held from 30 August to 5 September 1942. Together with the 1940 and 1941 it is 'considered void- as if they did not happen'. The events were hosted at places far away from the Lido and very few countries participated due to World War II and directors that were members of the Rome-Berlin axis. Additionally, a strong fascist political meddling from the Italian fascist government under Benito Mussolini had led to Italy experiencing a period of cultural depression oppressed by fascist propaganda.[1][2] It is the last edition before the suspension for the Second World War.

"10th" Venice International Film Festival
(considered void)
LocationVenice, Italy
Festival date30 August – 5 September 1942


  • Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata (Head of Jury)
  • Joaquin Argamasilla
  • Ottavio Croze
  • Stavtscho Danailov
  • Augusto Fantechi
  • Wolfgang Fischer
  • Mario Gromo
  • Aladar Haasz
  • Ferdinand Imhof
  • Manuel Lopez Ribeiro
  • Marijan Micac
  • Karl Melzer
  • Antonio Maraini
  • Mihai Puscariu
  • Yrio Erik Ranniko
  • Stefan Ravasz
  • Carl Vincent

In CompetitionEdit

English title Original title Director(s) Production country
The Golden City Die goldene Stadt Veit Harlan Nazi Germany
Bengasi Augusto Genina Kingdom of Italy
Alfa Tau! Francesco De Robertis Kingdom of Italy
The Great King Der große König Veit Harlan Nazi Germany
Ala-Arriba! José Leitão de Barros Portugal



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